The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: When Altitude and Alcohol Mix…

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showcased an invited guest in the midst of our favorite ladies as they continued their vacation in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Ladies and Gents, meet Nervous Breakdown. The ultimate party pooper for any function.

Nervous Breakdown seethed its way into Taylor, making it seem as if the poor woman was first possessed by what could be described as a helpless child before evolving into a semi-demonic entity hellbent on finding its makeup bag. Before the night was out, Taylor had worn numerous faces and emotions while the rest of the women carried the same three expressions of shock, dismay, and awkward throughout the entire night. In short, this was one roller-coaster of an episode.

Did it reach “Dinner Party from Hell” proportions? No, but it was about one cry away from doing so. After Taylor climbed in Kim’s bed (in nothing but a robe and maybe some underwear, mind you) to apologize for their feud last year and later engaged in rolling around in Kim and Kyle’s suitcases, the trip was officially in the crapper from that point on.

Now, I’m not a licensed psychiatrist or doctor of any kind, so I’m not going to sit here and diagnose Taylor as being mentally unstable due to the stress of her marriage (even though that’s basically the problem). What I will say on the matter, however, is the help Taylor needs will not be found with a life coach of all people. What exactly is a life coach anyway? After seeing Famke Janssen ‘life coaching’ people on Nip/Tuck awhile back, my view of that type of help has been forever skewered with no chance of a recovery. Not knocking people in the profession, but I haven’t really heard of any groundbreaking results in therapy through life coaching.

One other thing about the trip which had me scratching my head was how the women were blaming the combination of high altitude with alcohol as the culprit for Taylor’s crazy behavior. At first, I didn’t believe those two different facets could be a recipe for a disaster, but I’ve never been drunk at a high altitude location before, so sue me. Although despite my ignorance on that subject, I agree with all of the women that the High Altitude Happy Hour cocktail only enhanced a lot of the problems Taylor had been facing during those last few months.

Due to the behind the scenes Real Housewives of Beverly Hills scandal leading to the edits for the show, I have a feeling that Taylor’s breakdown was probably reserved to take place midseason. It just seems like a midseason event to me and wouldn’t be so close to the premiere like it was. Then again, I thought the same thing with the baby Christening on The Real Housewives of New Jersey this year and they aired that on the first episode. So, go figure.

On the other end of the spectrum was Kim and how she’s done a complete about-face in character this season. She’s more sociable, comforting, and very vocal in her opinions and I’m just completely in awe of her this year. Then we get to the end of the episode and see a complete back step in her progress, or what we perceived was a complete back step. I’m going to be an optimist and go with Adrienne’s assumption of the phone conversation she and Paul had with Kim at the end of the episode. I think she was just rattled and possibly woke up in the midst of chaos and wasn’t “there” at the moment. I don’t think she really had a drink and fell off the wagon so soon. I could be wrong, but I’m praying that I’m not.

As for the little exchange between Paul and Adrienne, I just didn’t get it. I didn’t get the urgency or anything else involving that portion of the episode, but oh well…

One last thing to note is the introduction of Brandi Glanville in next week’s episode, which looks to be laced with enough quotes to last for months. And it’s only the beginning for that particular drama queen…

So what did yo guys think of this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Was Taylor’s breakdown scary? Did Kim really take a drink? Will you be Team Brandi after next week? Let me know!


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