The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Brandi vs. The Richards Sisters Round 1

After popping a couple of aspirin to settle the headache I obtained while laughing my ass off at tonight’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I can finally discuss the smackdown that just transpired before our eyes.

So after three appearances, we can pretty much sum up Dana and Brandi’s position amongst the women in two words: kinda pathetic.

Let’s discuss Dana first and save Brandi for the main feast. Bravo surely made Dana look seriously low-key and laid back in her bio and initial interview clips on the official Real Housewives of Beverly Hills website. Her onscreen appearance on the show, however, have painted a different picture, one that the Twitter-verse has officially dubbed as “tacky.” Seriously, telling people the price of your clothes or who designed them every time you get the chance is a surefire way to make yourself aversive as hell. Especially in Beverly Hills.

While Dana toned down her need to spend money with her mouth tonight, I still didn’t dig how much she clutched on to the Richards Sisters like a vicious leech. It was blatant overkill on her part and a sad need to belong with the mean girls. Wonder how Dana will react when the pack turns on her? Or when she sees the slick comments they make about her behind her back?

Now let’s head on over to poor Brandi Glanville, who got served deftly by Kim and Kyle Richards as if they were in a WWE tag team match. You can subscribe to two different camps when it comes to who was in the wrong and who was in the right, but in my view Brandi was both right and wrong in how she handled the situation. Instead of holding her tongue and letting Kim and Kyle make a fool out of themselves, Brandi thought it was wise to attack her attackers by using a grenade she had no business throwing, which eventually blew up in her own face. Even Camille, who has experience in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills argument field, tried to warn Brandi to pick her battles wisely with the women and not make any waves, especially being a newbie and all. The one piece of great advice Camille throws out to someone and it falls on deaf ears. Such a shame, because Kyle and Kim ran circles around Brandi once she opted to go toe to toe with the sisters.

Were the Richards Sisters in the wrong? Of course, they were. I mean, Kim took Brandi’s crutches and hid them before Brandi went in on them for Christ sakes! However, Brandi should have taken the high road and acted classier than her attackers. Taking that path might have gotten Brandi some sympathy, but it seems like she has further dug herself into a hole, which she needs to stop digging if she wants to get out of it.

As for Kim’s “is she or isn’t she?” drunk charade that has gone on for a few episodes, I don’t know. After tonight, though, do we really care enough to keep playing this game?

Now for the dessert of the night, which was Pandora and Jason’s engagement and how it took Lisa’s breath away. The reaction was the most tender thing to have ever come from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills thus far. It’s a nice little bit of fresh air for our favorite British Housewife (sorry Cat of RHODC), who is about to endure hell in the coming weeks due to the growing dissent between her and Taylor. Again, I wonder if we will see Pandora’s wedding this season at all?

So what was your take on tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Are you officially Team Brandi or Team Richards?


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