Real Housewives: D.C. – Meet Michaele and Lynda

With just one day away, buzz about The Real Housewives of D.C. is at an all time high, especially with the cast and producers doing press tours for the Television Critics Association and other press outlets. Yesterday we released the video introductions of three of the new Housewives (Stacie, Mary, and Cat) and today we are introducing you to the final two: Lynda, the southern belle turned D.C. socialite, and Michaele, the notorious Gate-Crasher and possible punching bag of the cast. It’s funny how it seems like the promos and publicity tour has gone out of their way to NOT make Michaele a sole focal point of the show due to the Gate Crashing Incident. It’s almost apparent. Almost.

Take a look at these ladies and decide for yourselves if they are worthy of the title of “Bravo Housewife.”

In Which We Meet Lynda and Michaele

And as a bonus, check out the rules and regulations when dealing with D.C. royalty. With these tips, we should be in good hands when we enter the worlds of these fine upstanding citizens of Washington D.C.

So what ya think? Are we in for a ride or a huge snoozefest? Do you like your Housewives trashy? Or do you like them classy? Sound off below!

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