Real Housewives: D.C. – Meet Mary, Cat, and Stacie

It’s two days left before we enter the lives of the five “Housewives” Bravo picked to represent the Capitol of the World on the new series, The Real Housewives of D.C. and the publicity flood gates have opened on the once tight-lipped secrecy surrounding the show. Seriously, not even an Indiana Jones and Lara Croft team up could’ve found out the deets behind this show. There is that old saying of ‘patience is a virtue’ and even though I forget that one from time to time when it comes to TV, I’m glad to have not taken on deadly tasks to uncover some information on the show. Why? Because it makes the experience much more satiable. Try it sometimes, it actually works.

But since we are two days away, I thought that it would be cool to ‘formally’ introduce you to the women who will make your Thursday nights Must See TV. Today, let’s meet Mary, Stacie, and Cat!

In Which We Meet Mary

In Which We Meet Stacie

In Which We Meet Cat

So what do you think of these three ladies? Any faves so far? Stacie has already won my heart, while Cat’s accent can just have me. Period. Come back tomorrow to meet Michaele and Lynda and prepare your score card for an explosive inaugural season of The Real Housewives of D.C.!

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