Real Housewives: News Round Up Oct 21, 2010

Sorry for the lack of Real Housewives news. I’ve been taking a break from chasing every court ruling, sound bite, and incident these ladies get involved in, because 1) they’re either denying or downplaying recent news about them and 2) some of the incidents became too tedious. You can blame The Real Housewives of New Jersey and The Salahis for the latter reason.

Mostly, I needed a vacation from the drama these women create on an hourly basis. Well, vacation is over with, because let’s face it: there’s never any rest for the wicked.

Orange County

The huge news this week comes from the flagship show as the last original OC Housewife Vicki Gunvalson has filed from divorce from her husband of 16 years. According to E! Online, Vicki filed the petition for divorce Monday and while details haven’t been revealed officially on why the divorce is taking place, E! thinks it has something to do with Donn regretting signing up to do the show. Well, if that’s the case, it’s six years too late isn’t it?

However, Vicki’s son from her first marriage, Michael, doesn’t think that the show had anything to do with the split as he told Radar Online in an exclusive interview. “”They’re just not really enjoying each other’s company anymore,” Michael revealed to Radar.

One thing Michael’s interview confirmed to me was Vicki’s multi-tasking being a possible culprit. From running her own company to doing Housewives, it seemed to have gotten hard for Vicki to pencil in QT time for Donn. The strange (or sad, however you want to put it) thing about the whole mess is Donn just sitting at home while Vicki was out, twiddling his thumbs, according to Michael.

“My mom’s always gone and I don’t really just want to be home with Donn, I go do stuff with my friends. He’s home alone a lot, he’s just not happy and she’s not happy so whatever my mom wants to do I support.” Damn shame…

Since the sixth season of the show is being filmed at the moment, it remains to be seen if the Gunvalsons’ split will make it on the show.


Kim Zolciak has her own milkshake and no it’s of the Kelis variety. Kim revealed her new milkshake, appropriately titled ‘Tardy For The Party’, and presented a $1 million dollar donation of the UNITE Hair Care Products to the Los Angeles Mission at the Millions of Milkshakes event in L.A. While there, Kim squashed the rumors of her boyfriend NFL Kroy Biermann proposing to her this weekend after six months together.

“No… We’re just happy. Having fun,” Kim reports to Radar.

In another rare moment, I agree with Kim, because six months is not enough to get to know someone in my opinion. Especially if one of you are rich…

In other Atlanta news, NeNe Leakes is applying to be Donald Trump’s latest Celebrity Apprentice, but is already allegedly causing trouble on the set, according to TMZ. Apparently, Ms. Leakes was not happy with the makeup people and didn’t like the work done on her. After making the makeup person redo the job, NeNe allegedly threw a “tantrum” on the set and did her own hair and make up.

TMZ later updated the news item with this little blurb:

UPDATE: Sources close to NeNe tell us … the reality star is adamantly denying that she had a “tantrum” … explaining that the makeup artist simply wasn’t experienced with African-American hair and makeup. We’re told NeNe insists that she thanked the makeup artist for her efforts, but she ultimately decided to do her makeup herself.

Damn, NeNe! Have they even eliminated anyone yet before the Diva showed up to clown?

Sources: RadarOnline, E! Online, TMZ

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