Real Housewives: NYC’s Sonja Hits Financial Woe Blvd.; D.C.’s Stacie New Film

The latest Real Housewives news involves another Housewife in a financial slump, while another uses her status as a Housewife for a positive cause.

New York

It pains me to report that Sonja Morgan, last year’s newest addition to The Real Housewives of New York (and fan favorite), is having a financial crisis of her own having to file for bankruptcy, according to The Wall Street Journal.

‘The decision to seek bankruptcy relief was not an easy one, but unfortunately, I am at a crossroads in my life,’Sonja declared in court papers filed Wednesday. She listed on her petition for bankruptcy $19.8 million in debt and $13.5 million in assets, citing a failed venture in filmmaking as the cause of her financial woes.

The film, which was called “Fast Flash To Bang Time”, was to have starred John Travolta, but the film suffered due to conflicting demands between Sonja’s camp and Travolta’s. In the end, Hannibal Pictures, the company who was involved in the business venture with Sonja, filed and won a lawsuit against Sonja for $7 million dollars. Ouch.

Sonja’s financial misgivings puts her up for induction into what could be called a ‘sisterhood’ of financially challenged Housewives that includes Teresa Giudice from RHONJ and Michaele Salahi from RHODC.

Hopefully, Sonja will bounce back from all of this.


While one Housewife falters, another one soars.

Stacie Turner is taking her stint from The Real Housewives of D.C. and using it to her advantage by starring in her own documentary about her charitable work involving Stacie’s charity, Extra-Ordinary Life, which helps young girls in foster care have a positive outlook on life through beneficial means and relationships.

Ask Miss A reports that the film, “Extra-Ordinary Life: Journey to South Africa,” was co-produced by BET International films and will premiere November 22 at the Lincoln Theater in D.C. Congratulations, Stacie!

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, Ask Miss A

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