The Real Reason Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky Split

It’s official, Oscar winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence and Director Darren Aronofsky have ended their 12 month long romance. Lawrence, who is 27, reportedly began dating the 48 year old Aronofsky when their romance blossomed on the set of his feature film Mother! They began seeing each other shortly after filming wrapped. She was reportedly attracted to his intelligence while he was dazzled by her personality, beauty and talent. They shared a fierce work ethic and seemed well matched. News that the couple has ended their relationship was met with surprise. There has been widespread speculation about the real reason why the pair have decided to call it a day.

Intense paparazzi pressure and attention could cause issues in any relationship. Last year, when they started dating, they both made it clear they wanted to keep it low key. However both have previously dated celebrities. Aronofsky has a 10 year old child with the actress Rachel Weiss, to whom he was engaged. Lawrence has been linked with Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin and her X-Men co-star Nicholas Hoult. Lawrence said in a recent interview that dating the director was not the same.

Pundits have also speculated that the negative reception for Mother! the film that they worked, on caused a rift in their relationship. In the horror movie Lawrence stars along with Javier Bardem. The film was largely panned by the critics. In a recent interview Lawrence described the tension that their differing approaches to poor reviews caused. The young actress avoided the reviews while the director became obsessed. Lawrence described Aronofsky’s reaction as “not healthy”. The tour promoting the film took its toll as she found herself conflicted by her desire to insulate herself from negative press while at the same time playing the role of supportive partner to the award winning director. It is clear that the bad reviews did harm the relationship.

Speculation has also centered on the fact that Chris Pratt is now available. Pratt and Lawrence have long been rumored to have become very close. The two have always insisted that they are just friends and there seems to be little evidence to support that theory.

In the final reckoning however the real reason they split was due to the implications of their considerable age gap. As they wrapped the film both reflected on their possible future together and had to admit that there were issues due to the great impracticalities of their two decade age gap. An insider told People magazine that Lawrence is at the point of her life when she’s just figuring out what she wants and how her life will unfold whereas the Black Swan director has had much life experience and has many responsibilities. The two Hollywood A-Listers have different priorities at this point in their lives, with Lawrence very focused on her career.

The split appears to be very amicable. They seemed to have fun together and enjoyed each other’s brilliance but they were never destined for a fairy tale wedding. They reportedly still have huge respect for each other despite the break up. The age gap it turns out was an insurmountable hurdle. In the end the 27 year old actress and the 47 year old director decided to call it a day.

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