Reality Star Jason Wahler Dishes on Sobriety and His Latest Venture

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Jason Wahler was once a bad boy of  MTV’S “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach,” but has since completely turned his life around.  Wahler struggled with addiction and at least six arrests, however these days, he is nearly 6 years sober and has launched a sober living home.  We had a chance to ask Jason a number of questions to shed light on his new plans, but we also tried to get a little dirt from behind the camera!  Check out the interview below:

1. It’s been a while since your days on MTV – what have you learned since then?

Since leaving MTV, I’ve grown up quite a bit. I learned that I suffer from the disease of addiction. Today, almost 6 years sober, I utilize my notoriety to spread awareness, educate, and teach about prevention in order to help combat this horrible disease. Today I am extremely grateful for the life I have and the opportunities I have been given.

2. Tell us about your latest venture

I am the owner/founder of Widespread Recovery in Laguna Beach. My goal at Widespread is to revolutionize the way long term treatment is handled. I believe that it’s not hard to get sober, it’s hard to stay sober. That’s why our focus is on long term aftercare and relapse prevention

3. Do you intend to return to television?

Who knows…maybe someday

4. What advice would you give to anyone aspiring to be a reality TV star?

I would tell them to really think it through. It’s not what you think it is. There are serious pro’s and con’s. I would tell them to examine their motives and discover what it is they truly want to accomplish. It can be a wonderful thing, but it can also go horribly wrong.

5. Sorry Jason but you know we have to ask you to dish a little dirt: What’s the craziest thing that happened off camera during The Hills, Laguna Beach, and Celebrity Rehab?

The list is too long! Haha suffice it to say that all the craziness and drama didn’t just happen on screen.

6. If there’s a reality star you can’t stand, who is it and why?

I’m the last person in the world to judge someone else considering everything I went through. Honestly, I don’t watch much TV. I spend most of my free time outdoors.

7. What’s your favorite reality TV program?

My favorites are Pawn Stars and Cops.

8. What’s the biggest difference between living a sober life and the one you used to lead?

The biggest difference is that I truly enjoy my life today. I am so full of gratitude. I have an amazing wife, true friendships, a wonderful family, and have discovered my purpose in life. None of which would have been possible if I didn’t get sober.

9. If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Absolutely nothing! I wouldn’t be were I am today if I did.

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I don’t really think that far ahead. I focus on today and how I can be the best husband, boss, friend, son, etc that I can be. I know that if I keep doing the right things now, the future will take care of itself. Though, I really would like to be a father before the next ten years goes by…

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