The Reason Why Jared Fogle Was Investigated by the FBI

Remember Jared Fogle the Subway guy? There was a reason why the FBI was investigating him before he got busted for having child pornography. In 2007 Rochelle Herman-Walrond, a reporter in Sarasota, made it known to the FBI that Fogle had made salacious remarks about her daughters. For the next four years she agreed to help them out as they wiretapped every conversation between her and Fogle, who fully admitted to having sexual relations with younger girls. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough as the FBI needed hard evidence in order to put Jared away. It was only when Russell Taylor and his little child pornography operation was busted that the FBI caught a break and managed to get what they needed to search Fogle’s house, where they found on his computer a good deal of child pornography, which was enough to finally bust him.

If that wasn’t enough they also subpoenaed the text messages between Fogle and Cindy Mills, a Subway franchisee whom Fogle was having a sexual relationship with at the time. The texts apparently involved Jared admitting to abusing kids as young as nine and up to age sixteen. He also requested that she put herself on Craigslist to sell her body for sex. And he wanted her to arrange for him to have sex with her sixteen-year old cousin. This just keeps getting worse doesn’t it? Needless to say Subway let go of him the same day as his arrest, which says that something shady was already going on. You might think no, there’s no way that a big corporation like Subway would let something like this slide, but keep reading.

Apparently Mills had told Subway’s corporate management about Jared, but they’d done nothing because he was technically not a Subway employee, so there was no violation that had to do with them. Plus, once asked, they stated that they had no record of her allegations. Either Mills was trying to save face or corporate circled the wagons as has been known to happen, cutting ties with Jared and tossing one of their own under the bus without a moment’s hesitation. Still don’t want to believe that this kind of thing could happen? Subway wanted to wash their hands of Jared quickly, and before it got around that someone had blown the whistle in a room full of deaf ears.

Now see if you can believe this part. Jared wanted five years for what he’d done. FIVE YEARS for abusing children and engaging in child pornography. If you’re blood isn’t boiling at this point you might not have kids, or you might be a calmer person than others. In the end he got about thirteen years before he could be eligible for parole, and he’ll be forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He’ll also be given visitation with his kids if their mother allows it. Still don’t want to believe?

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