The Reason a NASCAR Wives Reality Show Never Came To Be

There’s one reason alone why a NASCAR Wives reality show never came to be. The women involved are nothing like the women that have been seen on other reality shows. They don’t throw massive hissy fits, they don’t talk behind each others backs in a way that inspires viewers to watch and talk about their favorite and least favorite characters. Whether it’s all fake or actually has some basis in reality for the other shows the wives of NASCAR simply are not all about the drama, and without that a show such as this just wouldn’t work. You’d almost think that NASCAR fans and execs alike would breathe a sigh of relief.

Honestly, look at all the other Wives shows on the air. They’re filled with women that play up their importance all day and night and are in some cases the most repellent females that have ever walked the earth. A lot of them might be good-looking and glammed up but half the time it’s for the show and the other half it’s just ridiculous. The world didn’t need another Wives show to be honest and if there’s anything I’ll respect NASCAR for, especially as a non-fan, it’s that they wouldn’t sacrifice their integrity for something like this. There would be no need to add the drama of those kinds of shows into a driver’s relationship with his wife just to increase ratings.

Plus, the level of ridicule and scorn that comes with such shows is usually handled best by those women that don’t seem to care or are completely different outside of the show and can let the negative comments just wash over them like an ill tide. They could be very different people when away from the set but I get the feeling that some of them aren’t too far off the mark from their original persona when they’re on camera. In any case the kind of shows that display the foul attitudes and continual drama between the cast members are kind of a waste of time, effort, and money, not to mention good sense. Those that believe them to be completely real are those that don’t understand that Reality TV is perhaps less real than the average movie.

This show was supposed to air in 2009, but obviously it never happened. The production costs came up to $200,000 dollars but I’ve got a hunch that the money was gained back fairly quickly since NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in the world and can generate that kind of money in a very short time. Still, the lost revenue that might have gone elsewhere was noticeable at the time, but needless to say NASCAR has jumped back from the loss and is doing just fine to date. They also don’t have any more plans for some crazy idea about NASCAR Wives which is bound to be beneficial to them since the premise for such a show is better left to those that can swear and yell at each other out of habit rather than any half-baked script.

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