20 Reasons Why We Love Hawaii Five-O

“Hawaii Five-O” is a popular weekly television series that has been ongoing since the Fall of 2010. The show will enter its ninth season and it is still going strong and bringing in excellent ratings for CBS productions, which signals that it’s not about to end any time soon, but what is there about this procedural police show that makes it so special? It receives a lot of great press and reviews from the audience and the truth of the matter is that there are several reasons why viewers love Hawaii Five-O. We’ve found 20 of them that we’d like to share with you, in case you haven’t tuned in yet.

1. There’s a nostalgic value

“Hawaii Five-O” is actually a reboot of a popular classic from the 1960s era. The original show began in 1968 and it had a very long and prosperous run until it came to an end in 1980. There are many people who are still alive today who remember watching the original series with their families. This was back in a time when we didn’t have streaming services or “on demand” features on the television. There were just a few channels to choose from, for most, three or four at the most and viewers were happy with the programming that they had in the late ’60s. The new show takes quite a few of us back to simpler times and although it’s more modern, the gist is the same.

2. Fans find it light hearted

Upon reading some of the comments left by fans of “Hawaii Five-O,” we learned that one of the reasons that the series is so well liked is because it is a bit on the “cheesy” side. It’s a lot more light hearted than the original series, even if it is a police procedural. There are funny moments and those who watch it find themselves transported into a different zone for the episode and it’s a nice escape from reality, plus it’s entertaining.

3. It’s a classic

There are some of us who love watching a classic, even if it is a remake of the original. The very title of the show is enough to elicit a positive response and make them want to check it out. Hollywood has been famous for making multiple remakes of popular films and although it’s not always successful when it comes to television series, they got lucky on this one because viewers simply love the remake of a classic television series.

4. We like the familiar

For a lot of viewers, “Hawaii-Five O” gives them a sense of familiarity. Even though it is a more modernized version of the original and there are different actors in the cast, there is something about the show that offers a comfortable feeling and people love to be reminded of things that they remember from their past. It goes beyond nostalgia and although it is different, there are also similarities that conjure emotions that people felt when they watched it as teens or as children.

5. There is a good chemistry among the cast

One of the most important aspects of any series is the chemistry that occurs between the stars of the show. The characters are interesting and it’s entertaining to see the cop who follows procedures to a Tee interact with a partner who seems quite fond of breaking the rules. This is the kind of thing that most viewers find entertaining because it breaks things up and adds a bit of contrast. There’s even a joker in the group to add a little extra cheese to the mix.

6. The actors/characters are attractive

One of the reasons why so many of us love to watch “Hawaii Five-O” is because the actors area attractive people and it’s just human nature to enjoy looking at beautiful things/people. The series presents the cast in a variety of stages of dress and undress yet its always tasteful. Those who have great physiques get to show them off in attire that is flattering to say the least. They even show Grace Park in a very skimpy bikini which gives us another perspective on her personality. Alex O’ Loughlin also strips down a bit, but one of the most important things to mention is that they don’t have to show a lot of skin to be nice looking people and it draws more people in.

7. “Hawaii Five-O” is a continuation of the original

One of the things that is so cool about the reboot of “Hawaii Five-O” is that Detective Kono Kalakaua is the uncle of Grace Park’s character. In the same vein, Detective Steve McGarrett is the son of McGarrett in the original series and they’ve neatly tied the two together as the younger McGarrett spends time restoring the old car that his father used to drive back in the 1970s on the show. The writers have done an amazing job of linking the new so well with the original for consistency and flow and this is just one more reason why we love the new “Hawaii Five-O.”

8. We appreciate the diversity of the cast

In our modern age, most of us value diversity greatly. “Hawaii Five-O” is a series that delivers on that aspect very well. The cast is made up of people from a variety of different backgrounds of Korean descent as well as those with mixed ethnicity, representing a large segment of the population of viewers in real life, there is Japanese, Chinese, Latino, Canadian, African American, Pacific Islander and Caucasian actors among the cast and this is an important element for helping the viewers to feel more connected to the characters. There is also a diversity in the size and shape of the characters so it is appealing to everyone.

9. We love the action and the drama

What is a police show that doesn’t include a little drama and police action? Another reason that we love Hawaii Five O so much is because it offers a decent plot for each episode and we get to see McGarrett and Dano in action doing what they do best, and that is police work. They’re out to bust the bad guys and there is plenty of mystery involved in solving crimes as well as the suspense, intrigue and action that is built into the climax and resolution of each episode. They’re very well planned out.

10. The show gives us a slice of Hawaiian culture

“Hawaii Five-O includes a great deal of Hawaiian culture and this is something that is exotic to those who do not live in the area. Some viewers have never been to Hawaii and the show sparks their imagination as they dream of one day going there. One of the coolest things about the show is that the episode titles are set in phrases from the Hawaiian language. There are also multiple references embedded within the show that are culturally appropriate and those who have spent time in Hawaii understand what they’re referring to and they absolutely love this element (https://slate.com/culture/2011/01/hawaii-five-o-why-is-the-cbs-remake-so-popular.html).

11. There’s a lot of support for McGarrett’s overriding mission on the show

The reboot of the show has a unique premise that draws people in on an emotional level, especially those who are familiar with the original version and who were big fans of Jack Lord’s character. The younger Steve McGarrett is set on investigating the murder of his father. We all assume that it is the original Steve. He’s on the hunt and he wants to ensure justice for the atrocity and there are few of us who could disagree with his motivation. This creates a powerful sense of loyalty for the character and it makes people want to tune in to follow his progress because if you miss an episode you might miss something big.

12. It’s like taking a vacation

The landscaping and surroundings that we see in the show are breathtaking. This is one of the things that we love about the series. There are gorgeous beaches, rustic areas that are relaxing and comfortable and exotic surroundings that make it seem like you’re on a mini vacation for the duration of the episode. It’s nice to look at beautiful scenery with all of the lush greens and coconut trees.

13. The crossovers have been a nice touch

Another reason why we like “Hawaii Five-O” so much is because of how well they’ve executed the crossovers with other crime shows. This makes it a modern and relevant series and for fans of crime shows, the crossover episodes once again, gave them a sense of familiarity. When it comes to enjoyment of a series, the major part of loyalty is in how good the show makes us feel and what we take away from it on a personal level. We each have our own reasons for loving it, and the three crossover episodes gave it a big boost with some viewers.

14. It’s a bit irreverent at times

The reboot of “Hawaii-Five-O” is a bit more irreverent than the earlier version. Times have changed and the types of jokes that are allowed to air on television is a lot different than it was in the ’60s through the ’80s. We hear more jokes that refer to sex and there are some components of the new show that are a bit on the irreverent side, and this is what the public is used to and what the majority expect in their entertainment. It’s not a ribald series by any means, but the humor is a little raunchier than what you’d ever hear from the original and believe it or not, this is an element that makes people feel more entertained.

15. You might see cast members in Hawaii

Another thing we love is that the cast is busy filming for six months out of the year. They’re roaming around Oahu. If you’re there at the right time and if you’re in the right place, you might actually end up standing beside one of them.

16. The theme song is timeless

The original theme song was catchy and dynamic and it stirred up emotions that told us it was time for the show to start. In fact, this song became big and made it to the status of hit on the music charts. The remake of the show still uses the original theme song which is an icon of pop culture. Did you know that the song made it to number 4 on the charts in 1969?

17. There is enough different about the show to make it interesting

Had the writers created a series that attempted to be identical to the original it would have likely flopped big time because there was only one original and any thing that would come later would have an astronomical task before them to measure up. The Steve McGarrett of today is not remotely like Jack Lord’s iteration, nor should he be. The show has a darker tone and there is definitely more violence, but it contains enough links to the original to give it a solid foundation. It’s a new start with an inspiration from an old favorite.

18. They still say “Book him, Danno.”

Jack Lord made the phrase “Book him, Danno” one of the most popular catch phrases of the 1970s. This is perhaps the one most important thing that they could have carried over from the old show to the new one. Steve McGarrett carries on the tradition and it’s just one more reason why we love the show.

19. A lot of us remember how we felt when James MacArthur passed away

It was a sad day to hear that the original Danno died. He was the last surviving member of the original cast and those of us who had fond memories of the show were deeply saddened. James died in 2010, the year the reboot premiered and Jack Lord had already passed in 1998.

20. The show brings generations together

Older family members have fond memories of the original show. The reboot gives us something to watch together. It makes it interesting for the younger generation to hear about how the new show ties in with the old in certain respects and it gives the generations something in common and things to talk about.

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