10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rebecca Silvera

Most people will be most familiar with Rebecca Silvera because of her appearance on She’s Got Game, which was a reality TV show in which the contestants competed to see which of them could win the Game’s heart. However, it should be mentioned that she is involved in other projects as well, which might interest those who find her interesting for one reason or another. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Rebecca Silvera:

1. Rebecca Means “Snare”

Rebecca started out as a Hebrew name that meant something along the lines of “snare” and “ensnaring.” It became popular throughout much of the Christian world following the Protestant Reformation, as shown by its use by the Puritans. However, while some of its counterparts from those times have faded from use, Rebecca has managed to remain popular to some extent ever since.

2. Silvera Comes From “Wood”

Silvera is interesting in that it comes from the Latin silva meaning more or less “woods,” which is something that pops up in a wide range of places. For example, the state of Pennsylvania is named thus because it refers to Penn’s Woods. Regardless, Silvera is a habitational name of Spanish background, presumably referring to someone who lived close to the woods.

3. Comes From Jamaica

Regardless, Silvera comes from Jamaica, which is one of the most notable countries in the Caribbean. In particular, foreigners will be familiar with Jamaica because of its tourism sector, which is popular because of its pleasing climate, its mix of natural landscapes, and even its culture. After all, Jamaica is the birthplace of reggae music, which is but one of its distinctions.

4. She Was a Beauty Queen

To a lot of people, Silvera will be best-known to them because of her status as a one-time Jamaica Tourism Queen. Suffice to say that her win brought her an enormous amount of attention, which opened up a whole new world for her.

5. She Has a Son

It is interesting to note that Silvera is a mother with a son named LJ. She is very fond of him, as shown by the fact that she likes to bring him with her whenever possible. When Silvera had him, she actually stepped away from the media spotlight in order to do so in relative privacy, which perhaps unsurprisingly, prompted a whole new line of questions from the media.


6. Liked the Touring

When Silvera was asked about what part of being on She’s Got Game she liked the most, she answered that it was the touring. In short, the Game was on tour during the filming of the series, meaning that the participants got the chance to see a lot of the places that he visited. For Silvera, those new cities proved to be a very interesting and very entertaining experience.

7. Started Listening to Rap

Previously, Silvera had no real awareness of the rap genre. However, thanks to her time on She’s Got Game, she managed to gain some appreciation for it. As a result, Silvera now listens to rap songs from time to time, though that isn’t to say that she’s a fan of all of the rap music that can be found out there.

8. Doesn’t Pay Much Attention to Social Media Negative Feedback

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Silvera has been known to receive negative feedback on social media from time to time. However, she has stated that she doesn’t pay much attention to it because she is the one who makes the decisions for herself. Furthermore, she does her best to avoid engaging her detractors over social media because she believes that it wouldn’t worth the effort.


9. Used to Be a Professional Equestrian

At one point in time, Silvera was a professional show jumper, which is an equestrian event that sees horses jumping over various kinds of obstacles. Unfortunately, Silvera has been forced to give it up because she doesn’t have the spare time, though she still rides horses for personal leisure.

10. Interested in Acting

Silvera has voiced her interest in acting. As a result, she has taken acting lessons. Moreover, she has become involved in at least one Hollywood project, though she has expressed an interest in breaking into the North American market in this regard as well.

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