Bones: 4.18 The Doctor in the Den

Since Cam has the only decent scenes this week, I’m glad she’s sharing them with Booth. Booth comforts Cam as she fills in the back story of tonight’s episode. She lived with Andrew for 2 years and was mother to his little girl. She hasn’t seen either of them in 10 years but they were a family. Cam says that the little girl, Michelle, would be about 16 years old. Since Michelle’s mother died in childbirth, Michelle has no other family and Cam would like to be the one to break the news.

It works in theory. Michelle doesn’t remember Cam at all. So a complete stranger came and told her that her father is dead, likely murdered. Smooth. Meanwhile, waiting in the car, Booth tries to explain to Bones (who is losing her already limited social skill exponentially as the season draws to a close) that Michelle is likely the reason Cam didn’t have children. Cam considered her as her own daughter. Cam returns to the car and says that apparently, Michelle doesn’t have the same good memories about her.

Meanwhile, back at the lab, they have determined that something gouged Andrew’s pelvis. Also, he had opiates in his system. Cam insists the doctor would never self-medicate. The others try to convince her that people change in 10 years but she won’t believe it. In the background, Angela eyes a skeleton’s femur with an appraising look. Booth also tells Bones she should stay in the lab and let Cam handle this case in the field because Cam needs the closure. Thank God SOMEBODY has some compassion to draw on.

Field trip! Booth and Cam go to the hospital where they meet this week’s first red herring, Dr. Maura Bailey, the hospital administrator. She has no idea who would want to kill Andrew. She last saw him at the fundraiser at the animal park. Cam knows that Andrew did his rounds in the evening so they are off to the last people who saw him at work. It is Nurses #1, #2 and #3 in the cardiac ward. Yes, he was there in his tux looking mighty fine just before he went to the fundraiser. A lot of help THEY were.

Meanwhile, back at the lab, Angela goes to Hodgins’s works station and is attracted to his new cologne, Pee de Big Cat. Angela shouts to her ex, “Take me! Here on the table! Now!” But Hodgins is not a sex toy and he tells her to go to the gym and work it off.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Never argue with an idiot. First they drag you down to their level and then they beat you with years of experience?” Cam argues with Bones about how trust is based on emotion while Bones says it’s based on history. It’s a pointless scene that is interrupted by a phone call from Booth who has news about Andrew being named in a lawsuit.

Chad Lowe’s brother died on the table a couple years ago while Andrew was operating. Andrew had to get a restraining order but Chad was at the fundraiser. Oh, boy, new suspect! They bring Chad in for questioning. He wants to know why he is there. His brother sister has been dead for years. He eventually cops to wanting to see the dead doctor to apologize for his actions while he was grieving for his brother sister wife. (Seriously, I swear that every time they talked about the dead patient the relationship changed. And I was taking notes as I watched!) Chad never got to talk to Andrew but he did see him arguing with someone. When he can’t remember details, Sweets asks if he will be hypnotized to improve his recall.


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