Bones: 4.18 The Doctor in the Den

The skeleton is not yielding many more clues although Clark-baby has discovered that the gouge tore through bone. He also found defensive wounds caused by blunt force. Angela calls him “Sweetpea” and continues the sexual appetite metaphor with “I won’t eat you, not that I don’t want to”. Bones says that most men would be flattered by Angela’s interest but Clark-baby is not most men. This is so badly done it’s painful. For the last 4 years, Angela has been Bones’ voice of reason in social situations and while she’s always been a sexual character, she’s never been a slut. Somebody smack this episode’s writer. Anyway, the point of the scene was to determine that the dead guy was hit either by a tall assailant with a short pipe or a short attacker with a long pipe.

They are interrupted when Sweets asks to borrow Angela. We would have continued the sex/food thing (his name is “Sweets” for goodness sake) but instead she gives him a once-over and replies, “With what?” in her sex kitten voice. Then she rightfully apologizes because, really, Sweets! Sweets needs a sketch artist for Chad’s description of the person Andrew was fighting with.

Skipping over the weirdo Twin Peaks dream-scene re-enactment of the fundraiser, they come up with a new suspect, hospital patron and board member Mrs. Diana Annenberg. Mrs. Annenberg was unhappy that Andrew passed her son over for the internship program. With the amount she has donated to the hospital, she feels she should be able to buy her son’s medical degree.

Cam wants to help question the suspects so she can catch Andrew’s killer. She admits that her style is more “beat them until they confess” so perhaps it’s best that she stayed in the lab. Otherwise we may not have knows that there were particulates in the wound. God bless Hodgins and his particulates. This time he tells us, er, them that they came from a plastic knife. So, plastic knife + shoelace = somebody tried to stop the bleeding. Personally, I’m a bandage + ambulance girl but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Son Annenberg says that he begged Andrew to turn him down for the residency because he didn’t want to work under his mother. He had no reason to want Andrew dead. And if they don’t believe him they can check the clothes he was wearing. If he were the murderer they’d be covered in blood. So, point to the not-intern.

Cam returns to Michelle’s house, this time bearing photographic evidence that they do indeed know each other. Michelle tells Cam she’s been punk’d. She remembered Cam all right. She remembers that Cam said that she loved her and that she never came home. Cam explains that she and Andrew were engaged but they broke up when Andrew cheated on her. Michelle twists the knife by saying perhaps Cam just wasn’t good enough to keep her dad. The teenager is still bitter about her abandonment and sends Cam away.


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