Recap – Burn Notice 4.05 “Neighborhood Watch”

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We open with Michael trying to get the info off the tape drive that he received from Kendra’s home. He finds that no one in the Miami area has the old technology to even open the info. Fiona is very upset about this. She tries to throw it away but Michael stops her, saying that this could get them close to Kendra. Fiona believes that he just wants to see Kendra regardless. At that moment, Michael notices that Kendra has been watching him and Fiona the whole time. Over at a local bar, Sam receives a phone call. It’s Michael calling. He asks Sam to meet him and Fiona. Michael tells Sam that they need to trap Kendra so they can capture her. Fiona decides to get something out of this plan and has Michael pay for her shopping.

Sometime later, Sam spots Kendra in the area and tells Michael that she is traveling fast toward the alley. Michael and Fiona head to her location. Kendra enters the alley but quickly evades Michael by climbing up a fence and out a grate. She taunts Michael by calling him. She wants to know why she is being followed. Michael wishes to meet her but she is against it. When he talks about the tape deck, Kendra informs him that this has all just begun. She then quickly hangs up.

Back at Madeline’s house, Michael and Jesse are discussing Michaels call with Kendra. Michael tells him that he will use Kendra’s phone as bait to catch her. Madeline enters the room telling Michael that he should ‘meet’a friend of hers who is in trouble. When Jesse explains that the trouble involves drug dealers, Michael realizes that he may have another job to do. The friend of Madeline informs Michael that the clinic she works at has become over run with heroin dealers. She and her boyfriend have tried getting rid of them but more keep showing up. She is afraid the dealers are going to kill her boyfriend, as they attacked him the day before. Madeline tells the woman, Lauren, that Michael will help.

Michael Jesse and Fiona arrive at the clinic and meet with Lauren and David. David is reluctant to having Michaels group help him. He says he will just let the authorities help. Fiona states that the authorities are what are making things worse. David just wants the dealers gone. He says he won’t back down from the dealers. Michael states that David could be killed for his bravery. Michael lets David know that he will create a plan that will stop the dealers at once.

Outside the clinic, the Michael, Fiona, and Jesse talk about a plan for David. During the conversation Kendra calls again. Michael still wishes to meet and says that the tape drive will cost $50,000. After the call, Fiona thinks Michael is really flirting with Kendra. Michael says he is only trying to find out what Kendra wants. Michael then tells Fiona and Jesse to find out the head of the drug deals in the area while he works on Kendra. Michael is then left to take the bus as Fiona drives away with the car.

Fiona and Sam are seen watching a drug deal. Sam explains that the drugs and money never touch the same hands at the same time. Fiona is not amused by this. Sam tells her that this means the drug runner will be coming soon and Fiona calls Jesse to let him know. Before he buys some drugs, Jesse places a tracking device on a wad of cash. Using the tracker, Sam and Fiona trace the drug money to a strip club in Miami. They see the drug king outside taking the money. Fiona states that the only way they will get close to the drug lord is to call Michaels old neighbor Sugar. Sam is against this but it is there only option.

Sam does detail in the club when Sugar shows up. He asks sugar about big drug dealers in Miami. Sugar states that the man Sam is after is a high level drug dealer named Cutler. Sugar says that Cutler tried to kill him but he got away. Sugar tells Sam about Cutlers stash before he walks away. As he leaves he knocks over a waitress. This causes Cutler to attempt to kill Sugar. Sam stops this by faking being drunk and fighting with Cutler. Sam is able to take out Cutlers men and makes it to Fiona outside. The two drive off before anyone sees them.

Back at the clinic, Michael and Fiona turn it into a fortress. David is against this but Michael explains that since this area is used for high drug trafficking, Cutler and his men will not stop working in the area. Michael tells David that they are going to steal Cutlers drugs so he cannot pay back his supplies. David is wondering how they will do this. All Michael says is that he needs some Fentanyl for the plan.

At a bar, Sam is icing hi wound with Michael. Sugar shows up, wanting to be part of the team. Michael refuses. Sugar states that he owes Michael but he can’t get near cutler. Michael only needs sugar to call some other dealers. Sugar hesitantly agrees.

Back at the strip club, Michael assumes cover as a drug supplier. He walks right to Cutler and begins selling his ‘product’. Cutler tries to ignore Michael. Cutlers men try to throw out Michael but Michael keeps pitching his drugs. As he moves closer, Cutler becomes interested and tells Michael he could sell the product. Michael gives him his number before leaving and Cutler seems interested more.

Later, Sam calls Michael. Michael informs him that Cutler called and asked for enough product for Sugars part of the plan to work. Sam and Michael are back to tracking Kendra as well. Sam is dressed as a mall cop. After the two hang up, Kendra calls Michael telling him she is watching him. Before Sam can get to Kendra, she escapes. Sam is not assumed that there will be a next time to this. At that moment a store clerk comes to Sam, assuming he is a cop, and says some kids stole DVDs from his shop. As Sam walks away, he tells the clerk that he can’t do anything about that.

Back at Michael’s apartment, Madeline enters startling Michael. She is upset that Michaels is bringing guns into the clinic. He states that this is so the clinic can stay open and that he is fighting for David. Cutler calls Michael and tells him that he wants to meet again so they can talk about doing business. Michael agrees to meet him.

The two meet in an abandoned area and Michael shows Cutler the drugs he wishes to sell. Michael wishes to see the stash house but Cutler won’t allow it. He threatens Michael before taking off with his men. Jesse is seen tailing Cutler as the vehicle leaves the area. Michael, through a phone, tells Jesse to be careful. As Jesse follows the car down a street, Cutlers men trap Jesse. He quickly backs out of the area smashing another vehicle in the process. He maneuvers his way out and escapes unharmed.

At the clinic, a rock was thrown through the window. It stated that the place should close. People have been leaving but David still does not want to close his clinic, which would then be denying people treatment. Michael says they are close to finding the safe house where Cutler keeps his drugs. David is upset but Michael quickly grabs him. He takes David to his Mom’s house. David is against this but reluctantly enters the house. Michael and Jesse are then seen putting together a child remote plane to use for surveillance. Sam and Michael try flying the plane but both have no luck. A kid comes by and is able to fly the plane.

Back at Michaels, Fiona and Sam skim the photos from the plane and Sam remarks how good the kid was. They find in one of the pictures that they have found the safe house. Kendra calls Michael again and sets up a meeting place for her and Michael to meet. After she hangs up, Fiona is not happy with how Michael speaks with Kendra.

Jesse is seen arguing with David, who is trying to head back to the clinic. David tells him that he needs to go as a young boy needs his meds. David says that the drug dealers are going to ruin the clinic. Michael and Fiona decide to head over to the clinic to stop this. Cutlers men are there and are breaking the clinic. Fiona wants to shoot them but Michael is against this until one of the men pulls out a Molotov cocktail. Michael and Fiona begin shoot at the men, finally scarring them away from the clinic at the moment.

Back at Michaels Mom’s house, everyone is seen talking about the clinic. David is worried about the clinic. Fiona says that Cutler will be taken care of soon enough. Michael wants to be smart about taking out Cutler. Madeline pulls him aside. She tells him the story about how Michael’s brother Nate was able to stand up for himself and defeat the bullies in school. Michael realizes that David will not be left alone unless David stands up against Cutler himself. As Michael walks in, he informs Fiona that they will cover David as he stands up to Cutler.

As Jesse and Fiona load up Sam’s delivery truck with explosives, Michael goes over a plan with David. He has David beat him up a little bit so it looks like David is dangerous. David is a little confused about how this will work. David hits Michael but it seems a little hard.

Michael starts of the plan by seeing Cutler at the strip club. Cutler wonders why Michael is beat up. He tells Cutler that it is from David and that David is dangerous. He then shows Cutler fake documents stating that David was a mercenary before coming to Miami. Cutler then believes that David is dangerous. Michael gets Cutler worried so he calls his guys. Cutler finds out, from one of his men, that they just got hit outside a store. Cutler is now worried and angry. Cutler decides to end this at his stash house. Fiona and Jesse are seen outside the stash house waiting to shoot at Cutler and his men. David drives up to the house and begins to talk with Cutler. David tells Cutler to leave but Cutler won’t have that. Jesse then fires tear gas into the house but this doesn’t faze Cutlers men, however Fiona’s explosives in the house do startle Cutler. As Cutler tries to kill David, Fiona shoots the gun out of Cutlers hand. Soon after, Fiona explodes the rest of the explosives inside Cutlers home. David says that he won’t kill cutler if he leaves. Fiona and Jesse open fire to finally scare off Cutler and his men.

Back at the clinic, David and Lauren are happy to reopen it. Michael informs David that Cutler has left town. David thanks Michael. Madeline and Michael are seen walking out of the clinic as Madeline reminds Michael about letting people stand up for themselves.

At the marina, Michael and Sam are seen waiting to meet Kendra. Sam is there to provide back up, but is soon useless as Michael turns a corner and is hidden by objects at the marina. Kendra is around the corner. Michael asks for the money in exchange for the tape deck. Kendra throws Michael the money but as she does, she attacks him with a knife. Michaels arm is cut but he is able to defend himself with his briefcase. He finally gets the upper hand and knocks Kendra out. Sam and Michael then carry her body into the trunk of their car. They close the trunk and drive off.

Just a quick reminder, there will be no new episode this week. New episodes will resume on July 15th. Use this extra free time on becoming a spy yourself.

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