Recap – Burn Notice 4.03 “Made Man”

This episode of Burn Notice starts where we expect to see our spies have a meeting….a bar. Sam and Fiona begin to argue that Jesse is not fit for their team while Michael gives him the benefit of the doubt. Jesse shows up during the argument with drinks and soon changes Sams mind about being on the team. Jesse begins to talk to the others about why he came to Miami and tells them that he has information about some illegal weapons trade but his only source on this is from a person he calls “Cobra”. Sam is not enthused by the name. Michael decides that maybe this is worth investigating.

The gang arrives at the dock to scope out what exactly they are dealing with. They find it is tough to get any info from any of the dock workers about where the ships with the weapons have come from. While talking with Fiona and Michael, Jesse notices a dock security guard getting beat up. He says he has seen this before and wants to finally end this. Michael tells Jesse it’s not worth blowing cover to help a civilian. Jesse doesn’t listen and goes over to help. Through a fake car accident story, Jesse gets the security guard to safety and disarms the two men who were beating up the guard.

Michael and Fiona find Jesse talking with Hank (security guard). Hank tells them that the men who attacked him work for the mob and have been pressuring him and other guards to steal items from containers at the dock. Hank says the police have no effect, as one guard who went to the police was soon murdered. Jesse quickly wants to help out and Michael reluctantly decides to make Hank the new client.

While walking to the car, Michael berates Jesse for his fast acting with no planning style of work and Michael believes that Hank is being put at risk while he is being helped by the spies. Jesse disagrees. Not wanting to argue, Michael decides the best way to attack the situation is to get some information on the mob they are dealing with.

Cut to a bar downtown, Sam shows Michael the information he obtained from a “police buddy” on mob members in Miami. The bar turns out to be the mobs place to drink. Michael is surprised to see a mob bar look so normal. We see a man come walking out of the bar and Sam informs Michael this is Tony Carro, a mob boss who runs some business in Florida for a mob in New York. Sam quickly runs through Tonys profile and sees that Tony’s record is for the most part clean.

Back at the Westen house, Jesse and Michaels Mother, Madeline, are cooking up some food. Madeline remarks that she knows nothing about Jesse. She makes observations that Jesse must have been a government worker as he never parks his car in the same place and always exits the house through a different door. Michael enters the house and Jesse tells Madeline that Michael is there for him. Madeline leaves slightly angry. The two men begin to talk about the plan to take down the mob in Miami.

In Michael’s apartment, Michael begins creating a listening device out of gum, a tissue, and some lint (Michael, in a voice-over, states that the best “bug” is something that people don’t want to touch). Sam enters with an alias for Michael to use during the plan. The identity he is using is a suspended FBI agent named Ned Gorden. Sam has everything that Michael needs to assume the identity, to which Michael seems very pleased.

We next see Michael getting escorted into the mob bar to see Tony. Before talking to Michael, Tony is yelling at a store owner who is selling the stolen merchandise Tony gets. The owner is late on some money and Tony is threatening to kill him if not payed back. Before leaving, the owner agrees to pay by the afternoon. Michael is brought in to see Tony. Tony states he has seen Michael standing outside for many days. Michael asks Tony how much info on Tony would be worth if Michael told others. Michael is thrown to the table and it’s there Tonys guard pulls out Michael’s fake FBI badge. Michael creates the cover story as being a drunk. Tony agrees to meet with Michael at 4:00. Before leaving, Tony tells Michael to never return to the bar again.

Cut to the underside of a bridge. Michael is waiting for Tony to show up while Jesse and Fiona keep watch. We see two men approach, but neither of them are Tony. One of the men explains that they know Michael is not Agent Gorden and the men begin to attack Michael. Fiona and Jesse argue over taking a shot to kill or not kill the men. Fiona does not want to shoot. Michael quickly cripples the man holding his arms and uses that man to disarm the other man with a gun. Michael walks away while Jesse remarks that Michael can really hold his own.

Outside of the mob bar, Sam, Michael and Jesse watch Tony from inside Michael’s car. Sam shows Michael a tape of how Michael was ousted as not being a FBI agent. Michael questions why they are back at the bar then. Sam points to a man talking to Tony. His name is Gio and he is part of the mob family that works in New York. Gio is down here to “squeeze” Tony. The three men listen to Gio and Tony argue and decide to push Tony in a direction that will get Tony out of Hanks way for good. It’s then we are reintroduced to an old Sam character named “Chuck Finley”.

Jesse meets with Hank and Hank states that he can’t stay away from work too much longer as people are starting to ask questions. Jesse calms Hank by saying that everything will be fine and that it’s being taken care of. Hank in favor gives Jesse a stack of papers from the dock showing every shipment from Nigeria in the last few months.

Back at the Westen house, Jesse is sifting through the paper for clues as to who “Cobra” is. Madeline enters the room to giver Jesse some items that Michael doesn’t use anymore. Madeline finds a picture of Jesse’s Mother lying on the bed. The two begin talking about Jesse’s mom and Jesse tells the story of how his mom died when he was 9. Jesse receives a call from Sam, and Jesse agrees to meet with Sam in a few minutes.

Tony is sitting in a nice night club. Tony makes his way to the bathroom and shoos his guards away. In the bathroom room, Sam has fogged the mirrors and locked all the toilet stalls but one. As Tony goes to sit on the open toilet, Sam attacks Tony and sedates him to the point of unconsciousness. Jesse and Sam quickly change Tonys clothing and whisk him out of the bar, claiming he is a man who can’t hold his alcohol.

We next see Sam sharpening a butcher’s knife while Tony tells Sam who he is. Tony’s threats don’t scare Sam and the idea of $20,000 means nothing to Sam. Sam berates Tony for yelling and tells Tony he is Chuck. Tony declares that he can get the money as long as “Chuck” doesn’t hurt him. Tony states he can take 5 million off the dock in one day. He says that he will even cut Sam into the heist.

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