Recap – The Good Guys 1.05 “$3.52”

Firstly: best episode title ever.

Secondly: can you bring down a drug smuggling ring with less than four bucks? Dan and Jack are going to find out, after Dan roundly embarrasses himself at the trial of smuggler Wayne Young and gets the guy set free. He’s determined to fix his mistake with his pocket change…and Julius.

Jack, meanwhile, wants to do things the conventional way and talks to Liz about how best to deal with Wayne by the book. He’s not biting, afraid of a second blown case. But Dan has found where Wayne is — at a truck depot — and gets him to at least agree to come down and take a look. Things just go downhill from there: they get locked in the back of one of the trucks, and Julius is the only person who knows where they are.

As Young moves one brick of heroin out of Texas for a bad guy — Mikkel Anderson (a jab at Good Guys and Burn Notice producer Mikkel Bondesen, perhaps?) — Julius and one of his less reputable friends launch a rescue mission. They have no real idea where they’re going, but they’re trying.

Jack and Dan discover the heroin — as well as Jack’s massive aversion to scented candles — while trying to figure out how to escape the truck. Meanwhile, it turns out both the bad guys have made side deals with Anderson to betray each other and instead, they’re both going to die. Oops. As usual for this show, once Jack and Dan escape (with the heroin), shooting and mayhem between all parties ensues. Cars explode. Others are stolen (by our heroes, no less). Et cetera. Did I mention the flaming truck?

Julius and his newly minted sidekick show up just in time to save Dan and Jack from Anderson, but Wayne’s accomplice has run off with the heroin. Liz and Lieutenant Ruiz turn up to clean up the aftermath, in which it’s revealed that Dan swapped out the heroin for a doorstop during the shootout — and hid the real heroin in the store. He actually paid attention to the rules for once. His $3.52 took care of the doorstop and some candy to boot. Now that’s efficiency.

Next week is a rerun (already?) but this episode is definitely one of the more inventive. There’s a big, fun, loud setpiece every episode it seems, and you have to admit Dan made good on his promise to Jack to close the case (again). Besides, any show that can sustain comedy for an entire act revolving around two guys trapped in the back of a truck gets props from this reviewer.

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