Remember How Cool the Opening Sequence to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Was?

Someone just reminded just how amazing the title sequence for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is and I have to say I couldn’t agree more.  Of all of David Fincher’s movies, this opening sequence might very well be his finest.  Personally I think it’s the remade Led Zeppelin “Immigrant Song” that carries half the weight in this thing but the cinematics are pretty spectacular as well.  When you think about it, this opener is very “James Bond-Like.”  In fact I just read a theory about this film that I wanted to share with you guys.

I have a theory that this movie was at least partially conceived as a sort of twisted, feminist gender-reversed response to James Bond. Lisbeth is Bond, a sort of sociopath loner with her own sense of justice. Instead of being a killer, she’s a hacker. James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, is the Bond girl, complete with the bikini briefs in one scene. Doesn’t do anything except sort of lead Lisbeth to the conclusion of the plot – she solves the mystery on her own. It’s not a perfect analogy (the stuff with Lisbeth and her rapist doesn’t really make sense within it), but it’s definitely a fun way to think of the movie. In this context, the analogy is spelled out in these credits. This is basically a dark Bond title sequence with computer cables instead of bullets.

Do you guys agree with this?  Discuss and in the meantime bask in the glory of this opening sequence one more time.

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