Remember the Movie “Lisa?” It Could Be Ripe for a Crazy Reboot

You would have to have a seriously sick sense of humor to laugh at the possibility that a Lisa reboot could likely be one of the creepiest movies to come along in quite some time. Fortunately, I do happen to have that kind of sick sense of humor and I’ll admit, just thinking of it is laughably horrifying since the premise of the movie, if anyone remembers, is that a young woman wants to date, but her mother won’t let her. At one point she decides to hook her mother up with a date, and in the process she sets up her mother with a serial killer that stalks women and then kills them. In an attempt to give her a mother a good time, thinking that it will loosen her up to the idea of letting her daughter date, Lisa makes it possible for the stalker to incapacitate her mother and nearly kill them both before Lisa’s mother comes to and knocks the killer out of a window. If anything, this movie is about the machinations of a young woman that was intending to deliver her mother a good time, but nearly caused tragedy to befall both of them. Just imagine how this would go over with audiences today, and how much controversy it would cause if it were to be given a reboot.

Let’s be honest here, movies concerning young women wanting to date or become sexually active are nothing new. But the idea of a girl trying to set up her mom with a date, despite not being a new idea, is something that could go horribly wrong if she doesn’t happen to know anything about the stranger she just bumped into on the street. There might not be as much laughter involved in this idea, much as there wasn’t in the original movie, but at the very least it would be enough to invite controversy and get people thinking on the idea of getting in touch with just anyone. Of course the updates that would be necessary would eliminate a lot of the guesswork that went into the first movie since not a lot of private residents use an answering machine or even a home phone any longer. But with the advent of technology the ability for such a story to get insanely creepy would only escalate since a random text message that could take the place of a phone call might be even worse, since it could come from virtually anywhere, and the killer’s stomping grounds could increase in an exponential fashion since a cell phone makes it a lot easier to stay on the move and create a path of destruction that can spread for miles and miles. While law enforcement has benefited from technology as well there’s still the idea that criminals, if they’re intelligent at all, can learn how to stay a couple steps ahead of the cops given that there are a number of ways to do so.

Some would say that cops are simply too smart these days to be fooled by any but the smartest and most shrewd criminals. If that was the case, one might have to ask if anyone has read a newscast or seen a realistic movie or TV show lately. Criminals aren’t bound by a lot when it comes to morality and the idea that they can or can’t do something. Breaking the law means that a person is bound and determined to do something more often than not, and when it comes to a story such as Lisa, the Candlelight Killer isn’t exactly someone that was worried about being caught since he’d been operating for a while and had yet to be stopped. Strangely enough it was a bungled attempt to get her mother a date that managed to put Lisa’s life in danger and get the killer whacked. Fate has a funny sense of humor obviously, or maybe we should say that the writers had a definite sense of irony in their heads when they were writing the screenplay. Creating a reboot of Lisa could be a decent idea, but it would also need to be handled with care since for one, a lot of people likely don’t remember it that well, if they remember it all, and to be honest, this is a story that would likely be considered entertaining, but not so over the top that it would be the next big blockbuster. It could still be something that might be interesting to see on streaming though, since it definitely has enough thrill to get the attention of the audience and keep them around for a bit.

Old movies and shows appear to be the big thing as they’ve been for a while and a lot of folks are giving in to the idea, but it’s still a big hope that originality won’t get completely buried.

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