Retired Couple Wins The Internet With Epic Cosplay Skills

I’ll openly admit I didn’t think much of this until I read a lot further into it and now I am suitably impressed. Cosplay isn’t something you normally associate with older folks only because a lot of them don’t seem to get into it that much. There’s nothing to say that they can’t and of course everyone’s welcome to cosplay at whatever age. The Tani couple, having experienced retirement for a bit, have come up with a perfect way to spend their time and shake things up by getting into the cosplay scene.

Some of these pictures are just amazing by the way.


They’ve even got the old man’s cane and a very happy-looking version of Doug attached to the end. The look is almost spot on it’s so good.

Mary Poppins

Maybe Mary Poppins came back eventually and married the chimney sweep? I can totally see that happening.


This couple is getting into it full bore and it’s awesome to see. I can easily imagine though not going so far as to paint their faces or find headpieces to make this look complete. That would be kind of cool but no doubt expensive.

Mary Poppins

He looks like he’s about ready to break into his own song and dance routine. Go get it Mr. Tani, sweep her off her feet.

Mickey and Minnie

No cosplay here. This is just a very nice picture. They are a very nice-looking couple and it’s pretty cool that they’ve chosen to get into the world of cosplay. The one thing I’ve noticed about cosplay and those that get into it even a little bit, it’s a community that is very accepting and doesn’t seem to judge each other too harshly. That is way cool.

Toy Story

Looks like Woody found Bo Peep after all. And they lived happily ever after.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Someone show these to Kylo Ren and let him know what might have happened if he hadn’t stabbed his father near the end of the movie.

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

This is what happens when you manage to shoot the Red Skull’s plane out of the sky and Steve and Peggy get to live happily ever after. Think he ever learned to dance?


The further they go the more they’re getting into it. This is simply awesome. Anna and Sven, the golden years.

Wonder Woman 

Yay! Steve survived! I wonder if they ever made any beautiful little wonder babies.

These pictures are uplifting in a way that kind of sets my heart to racing with hope for getting older and still allowing that spark of fun to ignite in my chest now and again. So many people say that you’re only as old as you feel, and it’s so true that it’s kind of tragic when people tend to let the wonder that’s all around them start to die out. This couple has found a new passion in life that is simply awe-inspiring and lets others know that no matter how old you get there’s still time to have fun and enjoy life.

Thanks for the memories Mr. and Mrs. Tani, you’re an inspiration.


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