Revenge Episode 3 Photos & Promo: Emily’s New Target Is a Big One

The most recent episode of Revenge featured Emily taking down Bill Harmon. Bill had previously been a friend of David Clarke, until his own questionable acts led him to testify against David in hopes of protecting himself. Emily used Nolan to convince Bill she was worthy of his attention and then fed him false information, leading him to engage in a bit of insider trading, which ended up backfiring spectacularly and ruined him professionally and financially.

In between plotting Bill’s downfall, busy Emily found time to get closer to Victoria, as well as her son, Daniel. We know the two end up engaged, and this episode showed the start of their relationship as the pair went out on a date together.

Meanwhile, Lydia has been ruined since the news of her having an affair with Conrad was exposed and her husband has invoked the fidelity clause in their pre-nup. Now she’s demanding that Conrad finance her lifestyle.

Finally, the Porter boys went through a lot in the episode. Declan got beat up for the trouble of trying to befriend Charlotte Grayson and Carl ended up suffering a heart attack at the end of the episode. Will the Porter patriarch be alright or will his sons become orphans?

The October 5 episode of Revenge features Emily choosing her next target: the district attorney who convicted her father. I’m curious as to whether he was in on the whole plan with Victoria and Conrad or whether he was an unwilling participant who was just doing his job. Although, considering Emily (and her new ally Nolan) go after him, it’s entirely possible he’s as guilty as the rest of the conspirators. Victoria will still be mourning the loss of David – despite the fact that she obviously betrayed him – even as she closes in on more of Emily’s secrets.

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