Review – Pretty Wild on E!

Here’s a confession of mine: I don’t normally like reality TV. Although, this probably isn’t the best way to begin an introduction to a review of “Pretty Wild”, the newest reality series from E!, which premieres at 10:30 p.m. on March 14.

Pretty Wild is the story of three sisters and their lives in Hollywood (read: their unending desire to become famous).

The show follows the lives of three sisters: Tess Taylor (19), Alexis Neiers (18) and Gabrielle Neiers (15), and their unconventional Hollywood family. The series presents an unfiltered look at Hollywood from the perspective of the sisters whose jaw-dropping looks and unstructured upbringing makes them magnets for those who have fallen for Tinseltown’s many temptations.

Tess and Alexis live like the stars, from partying with the “who’s who” of young Hollywood to dating the hottest bad boys. Their eccentric mom, Andrea, a former [Playboy] model with a heart of gold, is trying to learn how to rein in her daughters, particularly Tess who she constantly struggles to communicate with. Luckily Gabrielle (“Gabby”) resists most of the trouble that seems to find her enigmatic sisters, at least so far.

Tess works as a model and is hoping her recent appearances in multiple magazines will help take her career to the next level, including into the world of music videos.

Lexi, the middle sister, has a love/hate relationship with Tess and has often been jealous of all the attention that Tess gets when she goes out. But recently Lexi is getting more attention than she could have ever imagined following her arrest as part of an alleged burglary sing. The series follows Lexi as she faces unanticipated new challenges as she’s thrown into a chaotic legal process, from preparing for her upcoming trial to dealing with the paparazzi to addressing a possible stalker situation.

Although she’s the youngest, Gabby tends to act like the most mature of the bunch and is regarded as the moral center of the family. She has been home-schooled in the past and is now trying to live like a normal teenager, from getting her driver’s permit to dating for the first time. She is deeply affected by Lexi’s recent troubles and does her best to keep the family grounded through it all.

I watched the pilot episode earlier today and didn’t expect to like it. After all, like I said, I don’t like reality TV. Especially about young, spoiled, entitled girls who would do anything to become famous.

Admittedly, there are several things about this family that are completely ridiculous. Let’s start with the fact that the mother, Andrea, home-schools the girls based entirely on the principles of “The Secret”. Yes, SERIOUSLY. I’m hoping somewhere in the middle of putting together their vision boards they’re actually learning more useful things like math and science, but those parts weren’t shown in the episode. At the very least, that had me laughing out loud. But then, I always get a laugh from being amused by ridiculous people.

Other parts are typical young Hollywood reality show – like the clearly underage girls partying in clubs, practicing their stripper pole dancing, and trying to land modeling contracts. Those parts just make me roll my eyes – or, in the case of the stripper poles, make me weep for the future of these children.

But the best part is Lexi’s legal troubles. Honestly, it’s like a train wreck – I just can’t look away. Because it’s showing us the consequences of the stupid, stupid mistakes girls like Lexi make. These party girls who grow up too fast and think that the rules don’t apply to them. For those who don’t know, Lexi was arrested in conjunction with the “Bling Ring” – the group of young guys and girls who allegedly burglarized the homes of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Partridge, and Megan Fox. My cursory research has shown that the outcome of the case hasn’t been decided yet, but that may be wrong. In any event, it’s interesting to see this spoiled teen deal with lawyers and courtroom appearances. Not because I derive some sort of sick thrill from watching people suffer, but because for all of the 80 minutes behind bars that celebrities tend to face (ie. Nicole Ritchie), it’s still interesting to watch the rich and famous (or infamous – or D list) people have to take a walk on the real side of life sometimes. And believe me, the consequences begin in the pilot episode. It’s not all stripper poles and martinis when you run with the wrong crowd, kiddies.

So do I like reality TV now? Not really. But there were parts of Pretty Wild that kept me entertained. That doesn’t mean I’m going to start watching The Bachelor though. Not after that girl announced that she “likes bears”, as if “liking bears” is a great conversation starter.

Check out Pretty Wild on E! on Sunday nights.


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