Review: Supernatural “Lucifer Rising” – Second Cut To White This Week!?

Disclaimer: I am an actual Supernatural fan, not a hater – the opinions expressed here are genuine frustration, not prescription grade generic snark. There were times this season where I wondered if Supernatural had finally hit the end of its awesome streak. Some episodes seemed a little over the top on the goofy factor, and the generic slasher movie motif of one in particular made me groan. Overall, though, an intense season of Supernatural with a really intriguing overarching plot: the breaking of the seals in order to unleash Lucifer, and Sam’s own descent into a personal hell of demon blood gargling and psychic shenanigans; oh, and, Castiel – easily the best new character added to the show since Bobby first reared his bearded mug. Now, about this finale.

I realize, of course, that the zealots will fillet me for my opinion here, but the finale of Supernatural “Lucifer Rising” was easily the worst episode of the season. It’s not hard to explain why I feel this way, Dean spends much of the time locked in a white room with a platter of burgers and beer while Sam struggles with the fact that there are human beings inside all of those demons he’s been bleeding. That Sam would not have considered this a long time ago, as in when he defended the use of the powers to Dean by pointing out that he was ‘saving’ people, is simply asinine. For all that matters, the reveal that the Angels want the apocalypse after all so they can bring peace to earth via heavenly nuke strikes is less a twist as it is a retrofit.

At this stage in Sam’s dilemna, his last minute hesitations seemed out of character. The build up suggested a battle between the brothers exasperated by Sam’s demon high; instead their reunion is painfully procedural, with Sam turning on his demon pusher Ruby after finally figuring out he’s been used.

“Lucifer Rising” was certainly watchable, but presented few challenges that seemed to be targeted to the hard core fans that have actually paid attention to the mythology. In fact, it was an effective setup for the fifth season of Supernatural – if nothing else. Probably the best part of the episode is what didn’t happen: the long rumored death of Bobby, which would have deprived the show of one of its most beloved characters.

The end, with Lucifer rising and Castiel effectively alienating himself from his heavenly forces, suggests a battle that the boys are sorely not up for. All the more reason that, despite a weak finish to this season, fans will be lining up for Supernatural next fall.


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