10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rhea Ripley

She’s a professional wrestler with a lot of fans, but many people know very little about Rhea Ripley. She’s one of those women who is good at what she does. She plays the role of her character to a tee, but she doesn’t really open up to people about her personal life. She seems to share enough to keep her fans excited and to keep people interested, but she also gives us the impression she values her privacy too much to let just anyone into her life when she’s living it on her own. We love that, but we still want to know more about her.

1. She’s Australian

She might not spend nearly as much time there now as she did growing up, but she’s from Australia. She has a cool accent, and we love to hear it when she speaks. She is from a place called Adelaide. It’s in South Australia. Additionally, she was given the name Demi Bennett when she was born, and Rhea Ripley is only her work name.

2. She Lives in Florida

Now she lives in Orlando, Florida. As native Floridians ourselves, we have to give her all the credit for dealing with that traffic, the tourists, and all the chaos that goes on in Orlando on a regular basis. It takes all the patience to drive there, and it’s something she should be proud of herself for doing regularly.

3. She’s Athletic

Obviously, since she is a WWE star. However, she’s athletic in more ways than just wrestling. She’s good at swimming, soccer, netball, rugby, and karate. We don’t know what netball is, but it sounds cool, and you can be sure we will be looking that up when we are done here.

4. She’s in a Relationship

She was thought to be in one for some time, but she didn’t make it official until late 2019. She is dating another wrestler, and they did their best to keep that to themselves. His name is Demetri “Action” Jackson, and they are finally official.

5. She’s Got an Impressive Net Worth

She’s doing well in life, and we think her net worth makes that pretty clear. As of 2020, she’s estimated to be worth an impressive $1.5 million. That’s a testament to how well she’s managed to do in the world of women’s wrestling, and she should be very proud.

6. She’s Only Been Pro for 7 Years

She began her career in 2013. She did so in Australia, and no one knew who she was when she got her start. She was good at what she did, and she was able to take part in a promotion called the Riot City Wrestling, and that’s where she can say her career really took off.

7. She’s Young

We cannot seem to find her exact date of birth, but we know that she’s 23 as of mid-2020. She could have turned 23 in 2020 or she might turn 24 this year, but either way, she’s in her early 20s at the moment. She is still young, and that’s something that many people are impressed by considering she’s been in this game for more than 7 years.

8. Her Boyfriend Adores Her

If you take a look at their social media accounts, they are clearly very happy. He adores her, and he’s not afraid to show just how much he adores her. Their relationship seems like a lot of fun, and it seems very sweet. They are clearly very much in love, and we can see why their fans love them together so much. They are darling together.

9. She Doesn’t Like to Lose

Okay, but let’s be honest; no one actually likes to lose. However, she really doesn’t like it. She’s a graceful loser in that she’s not a horrible person when she doesn’t win, but she doesn’t let it go, either. She spends her time following a loss looking for the best way to figure out how to win the title back. She works hard, and it shows.

10. She’s Private

One thing that we can say with absolute certainty is that this is a private woman. She might share things that are happy for her on her social media accounts, but she only shares enough. She doesn’t overshare. She doesn’t always tell people what is going on. She doesn’t address rumors or speculation. She just lives her life. She does things her own way, and we have so much respect for her for that one.

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