Rick And Morty and Run The Jewels Equals This Glorious Music Video

If you are a fan of Adult Swim, then you are already familiar with the dynamic duo of Rick and Morty. Now, a new music video, directed by Juan Meza-Leon called “Oh Mama” and featuring scenes from the upcoming special, “Run the Jewels” has been released. While the release itself is pretty exciting — the video definitely lives up to all the hype!

The video lasts just over five minutes, but it is well-worth the time. In fact, there are several people who have already admitted to putting it on replay! After all, what better way to get your Rick and Morty fix? With an upcoming festival in Downtown LA on October 6 and 7, 2018, there are more than a few people gearing up to attend. This festival is called the Adult Swim Festival featuring Run the Jewels. Tickets are actually on sale right now if you are interested in going, but this video is a great precursor regarding what to expect.

While the prices aren’t readily available, if you want to purchase some, you should act fast! This is a huge event and one that is likely going to sell out pretty quickly. The music is amazing, the scenes are what you would expect thanks to the use of 3D imaging— and more — and chances are, you will want to watch this well-made video more than once! Go ahead, sit back, grab some popcorn and dive in! After all, Adult Swim is all about going that extra mile and providing that additional “shock” factor we all love!

You will love what this video offers and likely be rearing and ready to go when it comes to attending the upcoming festival.

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