That Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce Recipe You Always Wanted

Wait, you mean, you can MAKE the Mulan sauce they talk about in Rick and Morty? And yet people are losing their minds over this seemingly magical sauce for absolutely no reason??? Well golly, think of that. I guess it never occurred to anyone, especially those select Ricky and Morty fans, that with enough know-how and ingenuity they could actually have their Mulan sauce. All it would take is a little bit of gumption and some actual effort, but that seems like it was asking too much.

Of course just admitting that the sauce can be made instead of having to be purchased for hundreds of dollars, and sometimes a vehicle, might seem a tad too easy for those that tend to deify Rick and Morty in some strange way. After all, if you’re not just going to give it to them because they want it then what’s the point? Why make someone work for something, right? Right?

Welcome to the Gimme Era, again. It’s going to be something that people either need to get used to or try to change since a lot of folks these days seem to be getting bitten by the dreaded Gimmee bug. If things aren’t going their way they want someone to fix it, if they want something now then it needs to be given right now, if they just happen to want something for no particular reason than because they saw it on an adult cartoon then by all means, someone should just GIVE it to them.

It’s not a generational thing unfortunately, and it’s not anything other than a massive trend that seems to have caught hold and shows no signs of letting go anytime soon. This sauce is just another example of people’s strange obsessions giving way to the attitude of ‘give me’ instead of something simple like ‘google it’. Now keep in mind years ago we didn’t have Google and would have had to actually experiment or ask someone who knew about szechuan sauce to actually tell us how to make it. Nowadays though all it takes is asking Google just how to do or make something and you’re golden.

This sauce has been around for a long, LONG time, and it’s just now seeing to sink in with Rick and Morty fans that ‘hey, we can actually make this’. They don’t have to pay any longer and can make their own sauce, as much of it as they want. But that would involve working for it, which to some isn’t as fun. Sigh, there’s no reaching some people it seems, but at the very least it should work for those that don’t want to shell out great amounts of money just to purchase a sauce that will be coming back in December in great quantities.  The idea that McDonald’s is bringing it back after so many people complained, even after so MANY MORE did not, is kind of ridiculous. Their revenue wouldn’t been affected, and the poor, misguided Rick and Morty fans, not all of them, would have had to just suck it up and go on with life.

It’s insane, Rick and Morty are now attached to something that actually makes sense. I might need to go lie down for a bit….

Recipe by: Binging with Babish

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