Ricky Gervais is Hosting the Golden Globes for a Fifth Time

Gervais Golden Globes

Awards shows these days are judged in a lot of different ways when it comes to their efficiency and the desirability to watch the shows. Some people are eager to see who won, who’s in attendance, and of course who’s going to be master of ceremonies. This year, and for the fifth and last time as B. Alan Orange of MovieWeb has stated, Ricky Gervais will be hosting the Golden Globes, and people are already expecting it to be one of the most dynamic shows on TV. The famed comedian and actor has been entertaining the masses for years now and is always lauded for his performance and his ability to bring joy and laughter to the people in a big way since trying to anticipate what he’s going to say or do next isn’t always that easy, which is a big part of the charm that allows him to remain as one of the most popular celebrities in the world today. The downside of course is that while the Golden Globes are considered by many to still be a prestigious and serious award, much of Hollywood doesn’t seem to take it seriously.

Honestly a great number of people see this as a way to kick off the award season, meaning that the Emmys and the Academy awards will be coming soon and this is just a warm-up, a way to pat each other on the back and wish each other well when it comes to show business. In a way the Golden Globes are about as important to some people as the “welcome” signs that adorn many people’s homes. It’s always nice to see, but once you’re past it the sign really doesn’t matter any longer and it’s one more thing to put out of your mind. Such an attitude seems way too dismissive of an award that is meant to congratulate those that have worked hard at their craft and are eager for some sort of praise. But the truth about the Golden Globes is that, in a way, they’ve become just as big of a joke as the other awards shows for few reasons. Ricky Gervais does his absolute best to entertain those in attendance and those watching at home and he does great to be honest, as his sense of humor and wit are razor sharp and he tends to make many people laugh uproariously. But the sad fact is that he’s at the helm of an awards show that’s really more of a popularity contest for individuals that are already living the good life and crave validation for their work more than anything. While everyone wants validation that they’re doing something right, it’s natural after all, the truth of the awards is that actors from both TV and the movies tend to lead a rather comfortable life in which the fortunes they amass are reward enough. Tacking a gilded statue onto the exorbitant salaries they make seems like a bad joke that’s being told for the benefit of the fans, who are in a big way responsible for the stars and their continued fame. After all, how popular would they be if no one watched or listened?

Sam Wolfson of The Guardian is of like mind when speaking of the awards shows since it would seem that these days there is a show every month or so if one really looks, honoring this or that person for this or that accomplishment. It might be interesting if more individuals that are being recognized for their efforts are those that could use the attention and possibly the elevation in status and possibly pay for their efforts. But far too often the awards shows are for those that are already making a small to ungodly fortune and are therefore so well off that giving them yet another bit of validation for the life they’re leading seems like continual overkill. While vilifying those that are given said awards is not the main point, recognizing that they’ve hit an important milestone in their lives, that they’ve reached a peak and are living quite comfortably, seems to negate any real need for validation, meaning that the awards are a bit superfluous, not to mention gaudy and enough to prompt an eye-roll from many people when the acceptance speeches roll out. It might seem cynical to state that the stars don’t really need to be recognized for their achievements, but the truth is that the recognition comes from the fans lining up to watch their material, which is a big reason why they’re so popular. Seeing them continually patting each other on the back is only further evidence that a lot of them are fairly weak when it comes their sense of self, or at the very least are quite vain and need a continual reminder that people still enjoy their work.

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