Rihanna Gets a Street Named After Her in Barbados

You can now take a stroll down Rihanna Drive in Barbados. 29 year old singer, Rihanna has warmly thanked the community of her childhood home town, Bridgetown, Barbados. A street where she lived as a young child was officially named after her. The street was previously known as Westbury New Road and has now had its name changed to mark the success of the Grammy award winning RiRi. The name change was announced in October and the officially naming ceremony was held on 30th November.

Rihanna looked stunning when she attended the ceremony in Bridgetown to mark the occasion to officially open the newly renamed road. The rain poured down but it failed to dampen the spirits of the young superstar who smiled and waved to her delighted fans. As always, the style icon turned heads wearing a stunning canary yellow mini dress.

She posted a photo of the event afterwards and in the post she gives full credit to her home community and growing up in Barbados for helping her to become the star she is today. She referenced the traditional saying that it takes a village to raise a child and thanked her friends and neighbors for being that village. No stranger to partying, Rihanna partied up a storm in Barbados later celebrating the 51st anniversary of Barbadian Independence in high spirits. The party continued until Saturday when Rihanna was snapped at the Hennessy Artistry Show in a glittering blue and gold outfit.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born on February 20 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados. The 29-year-old super star was raised in Bridgetown, capital city of the beautiful Caribbean Island. She credits her Barbadian childhood as helping to toughen her up as she was a bi-racial kid. Growing up she learned to develop a thick skin. She also recognizes her cultural heritage as helping her to ignore things and not get bothered by those who showed negativity towards her.

The singer came from humble beginnings living in a three bedroom bungalow with her parents and two brothers. Her father’s addiction to crack cocaine impacted her childhood and early life. Her parents divorced when she was 14. She now owns an opulent 5 bedroom home there with magnificent views over the Caribbean ocean in the exclusive Paynes Bay area. RiRi reportedly splashed out a hefty $23 million dollars for the luxury condo in 2013. She is filled with ferocious pride for her island heritage and regularly travels home where she’s clearly extremely at ease. She has kept contact with her roots and often visits with old pals and her family. She is an annual feature at the hedonistic street party, Kadooment Day.

Rihanna plays her part in putting Barbados on the map. She has already been honoured to be named cultural ambassador of Barbados and made worldwide headlines following her surprise summer appearance at the Crop Over Festival. She’s the first musician from the Barbados to win a Grammy Award and islanders are very proud of her. In 2016 she joined Prince Harry when he toured the islands to raise awareness about AIDs.

Rihanna is an undisputed international pop and style icon with a total of 8 Grammy Awards and 8 people’s choice awards. Her latest honor, the renaming of a street is a mark of the love and respect that she receives in her home town.

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