Rob Lowe to Join Parks and Recreation

It is being reported that Rob Lowe will be joining the cast of Parks and Recreation. TVOvermind reported back in January that Lowe was leaving his current gig at Brothers & Sisters at the end of the season; however, it’s possible (nay, probable?) that Lowe will appear in a handful of episodes of P&R at the end of this season. Who exactly he will be playing is currently unknown, but undoubtedly, it will be hilarious.

Rob Lowe has always been an excellent performer, but has been developing a bit of a reputation for leaving TV series when he feels he’s not being spotlighted enough (see: The West Wing, Brothers & Sisters). It will be interesting to see how he takes to being a member of one of, if not the, funniest ensembles currently on network TV. Will he be able to handle the fact that at least two men on the show are wildly popular (of course I mean Tom Haverford played by Aziz Ansari and Ron F-ing Swanson played by Nick Offerman)? I hope so. This is the first real comedic role for Lowe since Wayne’s World, so I’d love to see him nail it. Hopefully, his casting will have the added effect of boosting the ratings for what has turned into the funniest show on television.

What do you think about this news? Do you think Rob Lowe can still pull off comedy? Does the show need a “star” like this to help it survive? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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