Robert Downey Jr. To Make MCU Return in Ironheart TV Show?

If Robert Downey Jr. is willing to take a hefty paycut to come on board for Ironheart once it finally gets the green light to go ahead then it’d be great to see him connected to the MCU once again. But as Christian Bone of We Got This Covered has already put it down, it would be as an AI and not a resurrection story as has happened to too many heroes in the comics. In this case the AI would likely act in the came capacity that Jarvis and Friday both did for Tony when he was still rocking the Iron Man role. But as comic fans know, Ironheart is in actuality Riri Williams, a super-intelligent individual with a lot of smarts that can possibly rival even Stark’s but none of the experience that he exhibited near the end. As a new and upcoming hero though Williams could be another chance for Marvel to branch out in terms of diversity since as a young black woman she fits the mold that a lot of people are calling for and would be a welcome addition. Things are definitely changing in the Marvel world, and sometimes they appear a bit frustrating since they’re being inclusive just for the hell of it, to satisfy people that somehow feel left out, but Riri Williams has already been established for a while, so it’s easy to think that she’ll transition to the MCU just fine.

The show would be coming to Disney+ it sounds like, but it might be the best idea since it could prove a testing ground to see if Ironheart is really going to be able to ingratiate herself with the fans and get them on board with seeing a female version of Iron Man that is almost every bit as smart as Stark but is bound to have her own personality that will be nothing like Tony’s. It might also be worth it to try and bring back Gwyneth Paltrow and Jon Favreau for a few episodes, maybe for a brief moment or two here and there, to help the transition along. Obviously the main focus would be on whoever would be playing Riri, but a helping hand to make the jump from the comics to the small screen would definitely be in order, but it’s not entirely certain just how inclusive the MCU will want things to be with some of the shows, since in the comics it’s sometimes easy to see how a lot of heroes can possibly bump into each other from time to time since a lot of them tend to aim for the same goals and quite a few share enemies that have given a lot of heroes a good deal of grief.

Plus, if anyone’s thinking that the series will incorporate every last bit of the comics then they haven’t been watching the MCU or Marvel movies in general lately, as not a lot of what’s in the comics comes across the divide unchanged or altered somehow. There’s been a great deal of a material that has made the jump, but thus far the story line have been altered in a big way, such as bringing Captain America in during the formation of the Avengers but not having Wasp or Ant Man. Then there’s the strange absence of Rick Jones in the Incredible Hulk, and various differences in the Thor movies from the comics that are addressed now and then but otherwise left for people to find on their own. In other words, if this show does happen, and it very well might since it could be kind of exciting to see, we might be given something that will be far different than we’re expecting. Tony as an AI however is something that would absolutely need to happen since otherwise RDJ isn’t likely to be in this movie as anything but a reference and little else. Seeing Pepper Potts might actually allow the story to make a little bit of sense, but we’ll have to wait and see just what’s going to happen since for the time being the COVID-19 virus still has things shut down and Hollywood at a standstill. If a person is interested in seeing this happen however it might be a good time to brush up and find out just who Riri Williams is and why Ironheart could be a great addition to the MCU at this time.

I did say that the Marvel universe is changing, and it’s bound to keep doing so as it continues to expand, though it’s likely that some of the coming changes won’t be fully embraced since they require a great deal of faith on the part of the fans. While change is necessary to keep something alive, there are times when too much change could end up being overkill. Thankfully, Riri could be just what the MCU needs. Eliana Dockterman of Time has more to say on the matter.

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