Rockets Fan Gets Horribly Buried In The Friend Zone During Kiss Cam

The Kiss Cam has become a wonderful staple on all jumbotrons at all sporting events.   We’ve gotten highlights of celebrities on kiss cams, humongous mistakes on kiss cams, embarrassing moments on kiss cams, but I think this might be the first time we captured a full out “friend zone” on the kiss cam.   The guy in this video is going to be immortalized as the guy who never had a remote chance with this chick.

When the kiss cam lands on these two, this girl who is obviously out of this guy’s league shakes her head “no,” and the two wind up barely kissing on the cheeks.  Of course the internet is up in arms about it as they should be.  I almost feel like she’s his babysitter or something.

Put it this way buddy, even tickets to a Rockets playoff game haven’t gotten you any closer.  It’s time to give up.  Check out this horrific moment for said guy below:

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