Rose McGowan Getting Her Own Sexual Harassment E! Docu Series

Rose McGowan is now getting her own E! docu-series that will showcase her fight against sexual harassment. This seems like a very positive step forward for women since McGowan was one of the many to step forward just last year when it came to telling the truth about what was happening Hollywood. This documentary series will be in real time and will show McGowan not only promoting her book, Brave, but be detailing just how she gained the courage to come forward about her own abuse and encourage other women to start stepping up.

At the risk of being insulting, and I do not intend to be, it almost seems as though we’ve found one of the major themes for 2018 already, and that is the empowerment of women as they step forward to speak with one voice comprised of many that equality needs to happen now. Such an occurrence has been coming for a long time but it would appear that now it is rolling forward with all the force of an avalanche and is not stopping to consider the damage that will be caused, be it righteous or collateral.

I say this largely because the women that have been harmed by those in Hollywood that think of themselves as untouchable must be made to pay for what they’ve done. However those that have been wrongly accused or those that are under suspicion or even those that are thought to be guilty by association are the collateral damage I speak of. Not all women and not even those making the accusations could rightly be called man-haters, but the sentiment that women have been so horribly mistreated across all walks of life and in such a broad spectrum is an idea that many take to extremes at times and use platforms such as that which McGowan and others famous women are erecting to spread a rather strange and not at all helpful message that men are not the enemy, but are still given far more advantages than women.

For my own part I still have yet to see it in my neck of the woods. Perhaps it’s easier to look up and see the plight of others when it’s broadcast so often. Women do tend to be left out, underpaid, and taken advantage of at times, but as a man that calls this kind of behavior out and yet still gets frowned upon for my position and for my gender it becomes something of an irritation to continually hear that women are tired to being treated unfairly. I fully agree that women need to be treated equally and with all fairness, it’s the right of every human being ever born to be treated with dignity and respect. But it does go both ways.

Unfortunately, there are times when it seems that in order to stand up and speak out those that desire equality also feel the need to strike back. If one hasn’t done anything wrong it’s easy enough to let this roll off fortunately.

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