Russia May Have Their Own Super Powered Kids in Stranger Things

It could very well be that Stranger Things season 4 will be headed to Russia, not with love so much but with a lot of animosity since the Stranger Things comic series looks to be setting up a massive conflict that could see different super cells of psychic kids coming together to fight a war, as Brenner mentions per Thomas Bacon of ScreenRant, that could be epic and disastrous at the same time. Where Eleven’s part in all of this could occur however is still up in the air since she went off with the Byer’s and the rest of the group looks to be splitting up as season 3 showed, with everyone growing up and coming into their own interests as they continue to mature and develop in ways that will keep them apart and less likely to be the close-knit bunch that started the series. With Brenner still in the mix however there’s not bound to be any peace among the Hawkin’s survivors, and with Kali still out there hunting for the scientist/madman it’s also likely that we might see a very big convergence as the psychically-gifted children, some of whom might be grown considering the scope of the project as it’s been laid out, will hopefully come together and create a massive battle that will decide the fate of the world as the Upside Down is supposed to be the main enemy, even if those attempting to bring it forth are even worse.

There are a bunch of theories at this point that are being given about season 4 and a lot of of them are, as you might have guessed, focused on Hopper since no one wanted to think that the guy who’s been one of the biggest, most blundering oafs in the whole series, but also one of the most likable, could possibly be taken out by an explosion that should have by all rights leveled the entirety of the room and killed everyone. But hey, movie magic…for TV. There is a theory that Hopper’s disappearance is tied into something even more sinister and that he’s the one in the Russian prison cell, but there’s also a theory that Brenner is in the prison cell. There’s a theory that Eleven will get her powers back, but the explanation for that one is likely going to be a whopper since she couldn’t even make a teddy bear wiggle by the end of season 3, and from what we’ve seen her do before that this is a startling revelation to be certain. Amy Mackelden of Bazaar has a few interesting theories you might want to look at in order to get a good idea of what we might be able to expect or at least hope for when season 4 comes around. As of now there’s no release date and production isn’t exactly a big to-do on anyone’s radar, but hopefully we’ll start hearing more about it as the days wear on.

Without getting too in-depth on the series it’s fair to say that a lot of people are feeling that this next season could be the last since with the idea that Russia is stepping fully into the ring now after being hinted at in the past it does feel as though this is the buildup to something quite final and possibly with a definitive end by the time the final credits roll. It could be premature to think in such a manner but really if Stranger Things keeps stretching out it’s bound to become something that could unravel itself even as it continually tries to build and become a massive franchise. The story thus far has progressed in a manner that has been appreciated and enjoyed by the fans, but there have been a few moments here and there that people have taken note of and haven’t truly enjoyed as it tends to pull away from the main body of the story without making any real inroads to connect the dots all the way before making the jump. Many people don’t tend to care about this since the main part of the story has continued to advance ahead and has taken many of the main elements with it, disdaining the need to sew everything up and place a neat little bow on it to satisfy those that are overly technical when it comes to analyzing their shows and movies. Lauren Thoman of Looper has more to say on the subject.

But progressing past season 4, which could possibly happen depending on how the next season airs out, could introduce the Upside Down and the continuing psyops projects in a much bigger light as the world would eventually have to take notice of the dark and uncertain practices that the Russians and the Americans are engaged in when it comes to the Upside Down. Heck, the battle at the mall was the turning point since it effectively let the cat out of the bag, even if the cover-up was in full swing not long after.

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