Ryan Reynolds Crashes an X-Men reunion Party

Leave it to Ryan Reynolds to hijack a reunion, right? The Deadpool star obviously couldn’t help himself and decided to butt in on what was supposed to be an X-Men reunion between Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, Famke Janssen, and Ian McKellen. Reynolds, whose character of Deadpool has had dealings with the X-Men in the past, decided to simply barge in and bring with him none other than Sophie Turner and James McAvoy, who were also in X-Men movies but in a different timeline. Obviously this kind of confused the others who were quick to announce that they had other places to be as they signed off, including Turner and McAvoy, leaving Jackman with Ryan as might have been the plan. It’s definitely something that makes a person wonder just how much of a joker Reynolds is off camera as he is on, since he apparently invited Liev Schreiber, who was in X-Men: Origins-Wolverine, with both Reynolds and Jackman. If you weren’t laughing before that point you were likely laughing after it since the Origins movie is kind of a sore point for the character of Logan since it really wasn’t that great of a movie, largely because it should have had a much different rating so it could go as wild as it needed to.

But given that the X-Men and Deadpool both belong to Disney now it’s a fair bet that we’ll see them both in the MCU at some point, and we’ll likely see Reynolds, though it’s still up in the air as to whether or not we’ll see any of the originals come back for a cameo or a smaller role. The best bet is that we won’t since Jackman appears content to leave Logan as his last time out as the iconic mutant with the claws and healing factor, though a lot of fans would love to see Wolverine miraculously brought back to life or perhaps watch as X-23 takes his place and continues the legacy in her own way. It’s hard to say what Disney is going to do since the Mouse House has been making a habit of mucking around in origin stories and when it comes to various powers and histories they’ve been a little suspect as well. We might end up finding that the X-Men are bound to become a bunch of de-powered kids that aren’t given a whole lot of respect by other heroes and teams and have to continually earn their place in the superhero world, much as it happened in the comics a lot of times. It’s true that the only real kids were those that were being taught at Xavier’s school and possibly the New Mutants back in the day, but unless the X-Men are given an entirely new origin story by Disney, don’t rule it out, it’s hard to guess just what we’re going to see, and who.

Keep in mind the original X-Men movie kind of played with the idea of who came to the team first as Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beats, Iceman, and Angel were the first X-Men, while Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Banshee, Warpath and eventually Sunfire came after. Following that the roster only got bigger as more and more heroes were added and more mutant enemies were listed. In the movie of course we saw Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, and Professor X as the main members, with a school full of kids, including Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, and a young Pyro as well. Rogue, who was initially a villain in the comics, became a runaway that bonded with Logan, who wasn’t an X-Man at the time, and was far younger than her comic book counterpart. Their enemies, Magneto, who’s as old school as it gets, Sabertooth, Toad, and Mystique, all had dealings with each other through the comics, but Magneto was perhaps the only one that really had a serious beef with the X-Men to begin with. Wolverine and Sabertooth’s feud is legendary, but as for the others they tended to come and go as the situation demanded. In fact, Toad was kind of a clinger to be certain since he was more of a fringe villain than anything.

But the idea of Ryan Reynolds trolling Jackman and the others as he did is kind of funny even if it didn’t tend to pan out that well. It’s kind of obvious that Jackman would rather talk about the X-Men movie than the Origins movie and it’s not too hard to see why since Origins really stunk it up in a big way. But also, the cast for X-Men was so much better even if some of the fight scenes weren’t that great. In all honesty they still beat those in Origins since seriously, Deadpool had just WAY too many powers in Origins. But also because the movie just kinda misrepresented the merc with a mouth.

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