10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ryan Vieth

Ryan Vieth

Ryan Vieth is the son of Tamra Judge of the Real Housewives of Orange County. He has recently come under fire for comments he made on Instagram about a child that was in the process of transitioning genders. Many were critical of Vieth’s opinion on the matter and felt that he should be more respectful to the trans community. Vieth did end up deleting the post, but the damage had already been done. He followed up that controversy with a very public battle with his ex Sarah Rodriquez over custody of their daughter. It is getting ugly out there. Here are a few quick facts that you might not know about Ryan Vieth.

10. He’s quitting the Real Housewives of Orange County

Due in part to this controversy, Ryan has decided to step away from the TV show from which he made his name. He wrote, “And for the Bravo fans, this season is my last. I will never be [a part] of this show, the money isn’t worth having all this chaos around my daughter.” It seems that he believes the spotlight is not conducive to raising a healthy and happy family. The jury remains out on whether this is a good strategy or not.

9. He sent controversial texts to his ex-girlfriend Sarah Rodriquez

As if all the controversy in the LGBTQ community where not enough, he continued to catch the ire of fans with controversial messages that were leaked by his former partner Sarah Rodriquez. These texts allegedly included a picture of a bullet with the message “This one is for you”. This is an unfortunate turn of events for a couple that had become a fan favorite on the show. We can only hope that all parties are open to resolving disagreements in the future.

8. He deleted his Instagram account

The mounting pressure must have gotten to Ryan because he quickly decided to delete his Instagram account as his controversies were starting to blow up. His former Instagram handle “@mistervieth” now only shows that this page is unavailable. It remains to be seen whether he will reactivate his account once this controversy blows over. Either way, it does seem that he wants to live a more quiet and peaceful life. This is probably best for everyone.

7. He has drawn his mom’s ire

It appears that Real Housewives’ star Tamra Judge is not taking kindly to the recent actions of Ryan. She has downplayed his aggression and made an effort to distance herself from her son’s words and actions. Though this move has been controversial too, given that it appeared to agree with him initially on the trans post. The jury still seems to be out on how much blame she will get for the entire incident. However, people are less willing to forgive these days.

6. He is in the middle of a custody battle

One of the saddest parts about Vieth and Rodriquez’s dispute is that they have a daughter in the center of the controversy. It seems that both parties want what’s best for their daughter but can’t agree on a solution. Now both are fighting it out in court to determine who will get custody of the child. We can all agree that we want the best solution for young Ava. Currently the former couple share custody of the child.

5. Things are getting messy in his personal life

The custody battle is getting heated and many things are being brought to light that reflect negatively on the couple. Rodriquez recently alleged that Ryan’s mom had made an illegal recording of their conversation to use as leverage. However, Tamara Judge is downplaying allegations from Sarah by stating, “I don’t know, but Sarah tends to go on social media, and post all this stuff and delete it. So, I’m not buying into it.” We can only hope that this entire situation is resolved soon.

4. The public is siding against him

Judging from the many sentiments against Ryan, it seems clear that public opinion favors Sarah in their dispute. Given all the things that have recently come out about Ryan, it is not surprising that many people are upset with him. Sarah’s Instagram comments are full of support and love, with many people condemning Ryan’s recent actions. It remains to be seen what kind of affect this will have on his future behavior, but everyone is hoping that both parties are going to be more cordial going forward.

3. He is spreading rumors about his EX

As if Ryan wasn’t in enough trouble at this point, he is continuing to make negative statements about Sarah. He is also alleging that she slept with Bristol Palin’s ex Dakota Meyer at a gun show in Las Vegas. Just when you thought that this story couldn’t get any more weird, it continues to deliver plenty of drama. It is unknown if these rumors are true, but they have people talking regardless. It is only a matter of time until it is all dragged out into the open.

2. He just wants to live life drama-free

It seems that Ryan must enjoy being in the spotlight given his recent actions, but he claims that nothing is farther from the case. It seems that he wants to put all of his recent controversial past behind him and just live a drama-free life. This may be the reason that he is stepping away from the TV show and deleting his social media accounts. Hopefully with a little time and reflection he will come out on the other side. It’s not a good idea to point fingers but it does seem clear that Ryan has made some bad choices recently. Perhaps some time away will do him some good.

1. He wants what’s best for his daughter

Regardless of what you might think of Ryan’s actions, he does claim that they have good intent. He has indicated that all he wants is what’s best for his daughter going forward. This perhaps means less time on TV and social media. By cutting himself off, Ryan will be able to more readily focus on raising his daughter away from the spotlight. We can all hope that this will result in a more harmonious existence for all parties involved.

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