Salvation, Crimes and Punishment Has Shades of Gray Getting Darker

Salvation, Crimes and Punishment

It was a little surreal watching CBS’s Salvation, Crimes and Punishment.  The US President’s primetime announcement about his Supreme Court nominee ended up being a perfect segway into Salvation 2×3.  The importance of who’s on the Supreme Court couldn’t be dramatized more sensationally!

You wouldn’t think a story about a giant asteroid about to pummel the earth in 126 days would be a political thriller, yet, here we are. In fact, Sampson is starting to feel a bit like a mulligan. Sure, there’s a whole part of Salvation that’s about trying to solve the dilemma of knocking that hunk of rock off its path of mass destruction. Yet, it seems more like the thought of it is bigger than what the actual event might be. If we ever get to the end of this asteroid countdown it very well may look similar to the opening of the Disney/Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur.

Of course, that kind of ending seems anti-climatic, and it leaves the question of why have the spaceship Salvation? The answer may be that this was never about the asteroid. The show is really about the state of the world. It looks at who we are – and who we’d like to be. As for the Salvation, remember that tech entrepreneur turned Vice-POTUS Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabrera) said he originally did it because he wanted to colonize Mars. …We’ll just have to see where Salvation goes!

Salvation 2 x 3:  Who Set Up the SCOTUS Bombing?

We don’t really know.  It looks like it could have been former V.P. Monroe Bennet (Sasha Roiz). He certainly was ready to swoop onto social media with a total lie about President MacKenzie (Tovah Feldshuh) and Defense Secretary Harris Edwards (Ian Anthony Dale) being responsible.

Salvation, Crimes and Punishment

We know he’s lying because right we heard Harris telling former Pentagon Press Secretary – now Presidental Advisor – Grace Barrows (Jennifer Finnigan) that the swing vote was a MacKenzie appointee leaning in their favor.  Bennet told the American people the exact opposite – but he told it first, so many are inclined to believe him.

However, we can’t know this for sure.  It could have been RESIST that forced this poor woman to become a suicide bomber in order to save her family.

Salvation, Crimes and Punishment

Salvation, Crimes and Punishment: Grace & The Rule of Law

Salvation continues to make the political storyline personal via the situation Grace is in. She’s a bit like Alice in Wonderland – trying to figure out how things should work in a world where the rules of law she’s believed in no longer seem to apply

In the season 1 finale, Grace killed Presidental advisor Claire Rayburn (Erica Luttrell) to save the life of Harris- but there’s no proof of that now. The choice to dispose of Claire’s body has destroyed the evidence.

We don’t know who made the decision to call Grace’s CIA Dad Hugh (Mark Moses) to get rid of the body. Since this happened in the middle of trying to take back the government and ward off an attack by Russia, one can see why a police investigation would be inconvenient. Still, we do know that when Grace later wanted to tell President MacKenzie what happened, Harris talked her out of it. Now, Clarie Rayburn has turned into the piece that could make or break MacKenzie’s legitimacy. Talk about bad karma!

The Only Crime is the Coverup – and it’s Driving Grace Crazy

It’s only Grace who is in angst about the coverup. It’s why she’s seeing Claire’s ghost everywhere. After a visit from Detective Alonzo Carter (Ashley Thomas), who thinks Harris has something to do with Claire’s disappearance, she freaks out calls Harris.

Salvation, Crimes and Punishment

Grace:  I can’t stop thinking about what I did. I can’t…I can’t lie under oath. I can’t.”

Harris: That’s exactly what you have to do. The truth will set Bennet free and put the rest of us in prison. Darius and MacKenzie could lose the government.

Here’s the thing. Grace did kill Claire in Harris’s defense – in the middle of taking back the government from a coup. Maybe if they hadn’t tried to hide the body, or at least had told MacKenzie what happened, it would be on the record, in real time, and thus more believable. As it’s been said many a time, the coverup is always worse than the crime.


Also, this whole cover-up is a reminder of how hypocritical Harris is about Darius. Harris is always on Darius about not following the rules. Yet, Harris doesn’t think the rule of law applies to him either. For him, rules and morals, get shoved aside in the name of doing what’s right for the country. It’s a point of view that he had in common with Claire. Remember, she actually believed she was being a patriot.

Both Claire and Harris seem to think the end justifies the means – and so does Darius. In terms of ethics, neither the government nor the private sector can say they have clean hands. What it really comes do is intent.

Next: Right vs Wrong, and Will Grace and Darius every get it right?

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