10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sara Bendrick

When it comes to doing-it-yourself, there’s no better source for ideas and tips other than the DIY Network. There are so many shows out there that deal with home improvements, but shows on the DIY Network are specifically for those who like to get hands-on with renovations and upgrades. I Hate My Yard is one particular TV series that helps homeowners carry out yard upgrades. The one to lead us all in the process is Sandra Bendrick, the show’s host and landscape guru. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about this longtime DIY Network host.

1. Born and raised in San Diego

It’s easy to imagine Bendrick as a young girl interested in landscaping, especially because of where she came from. Born and raised in San Diego, California, Bendrick grew up in an area that has temperate climate all year round, which allows for many landscaping opportunities all year as well. It’s a great location to nurture a passion for plants and decorating.

2. Passion for anything living

Speaking of her passion, Bendrick has been interested in the same things since she was little. Although it’s more focused now towards landscape design and contracting, Bendrick has always had a passion for the arts and nature. The combination of those two combined is a testament to her appreciation for all things that are living.

3. Chicken farm

Even when Bendrick was young, she already had a great connection to the natural world around her. It was a beautiful fascination that carried on as she got older. Next thing she knew, she had suddenly developed a fascination for chickens and decided she wanted to grow them herself. She got a book. She read that book. And she got to it. She found herself the owner of a chicken farm she started from scratch.

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4. Landscape architecture

Bendrick went to a couple of colleges before she landed at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she received her Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture. This was where she really honed her skills and got her hands dirty. She got landscaping gigs to facilitate her learning and improve her style.

5. After college

A little while after college, Bendrick gathered up enough experience and confidence in her skills to start her own landscape design business, Sarita Landscape Design. It eventually led her to the path that she’s taken now, where she’s the host of a landscaping show. Besides her skills, it helps that she has the personality as well for working with people as well.

6. DIY host

If you’ve never seen I Hate My Yard before, you’d never know that the show has actually been around for a while now. The show started out in 2013, and although it only has 3 seasons to date, the show still airs regularly on the network. There’s no news on whether the show will shoot new episodes at some point, but Bendrick is still a contractor for the DIY Network.

7. Landscape experience

Bendrick worked with a few companies before she broke off on her own. She started working while she was in school as a Maintenance Forewoman for Ponderosa Landscape, and she also worked as a Landscape Design Intern for Caltrans. After college, she got a job at Sage Landscapes as a designer and project manager for 2 years.

8. Passion for doing

When Bendrick was much younger, everything around her revolved around creating and doing. She used to make everything from scratch such as clothes for her dolls. She also used to draw and paint excessively. Everything she did then is a reflection of what she does now; only now everything Bendrick does is on a larger scale.

9. Red worm farm

She can really do anything she put her mind to—maybe except for a worm farm. When Bendrick was much younger, she attempted to create a 5000 red-worm worm farm. She was unsuccessful in doing this, unlike her chicken farm, but who’s to say that she won’t try again?

10. Award-winner

While she worked for Sage Landscapes, Bendrick won the 2012 CLCA 1st Place Award for Large Residential. She was also published during that time. All of these happened just before she started her own company. A couple of months after she opened business, she was hired by the DIY Network.

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