Saturday Night Live Tiger Woods Skit Causes Controversy

tiger-woods-injuryIn case you missed Saturday Night Live this weekend, a Tiger Woods skit with Blake Lively portraying wood’s wife Elin Nordegren and Kenan Thompson portraying the media-embattled golfer has raised a few eyebrows in internet land. In the skit, Thompson’s Tiger Woods gives a press conference admitting to ‘multiple’ transgressions while his wife looks on. The video cuts away, and returns multiple times with Tiger sporting new injuries. (In case you’re not following the real life saga, it now appears that Tiger Woods has had as many as six affairs.)

While making fun of the allegations of spousal abuse – Elin supposedly beat the heck out of Woods prior to him getting into his accident – was probably a bit risque to begin with, the controversy is centered on the fact that SNL’s musical guest was Rhianna, a high profile victim of domestic violence. Some critics are saying that the it was the timing of the sketch that made it tasteless. Others say if Tiger were a woman, nobody would be making jokes. Still more, hopefully the majority, are thinking it’s not such a bad thing for us to suspend our cynicism once and a while and laugh at the things that scare and trouble us the most. Just saying. Here is the skit.

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