Scandal Season 2 Finale Preview: Will Fitz Run for Reelection?

scandal abcAlthough he was all ready to throw away his presidency and move to parts unknown for a chance to regain some normalcy, Fitz was convinced by Olivia to run for reelection and win on his own terms on tonight’s episode of Scandal. His feelings of inadequacy since finding out about Defiance, feelings that had been there since his father was alive, can finally be squashed if he manages to wriggle free from this latest scandal and do things on his own terms. But with his thoughts turning to another four years, does this mean that he’s willing to get back together with Mellie for the sake of appearances?

On the next episode of Scandal, Fitz seems okay with the okay of seeking reelection, if only for the chance to exorcise old demons and find the peace within himself that he’s been so desperately searching for. However, restarting the political machine doesn’t mean that he’s ready to slap on a fake smile and pretend to be in some fantasy marriage with Mellie; in fact, in the preview for the season finale, he’s telling Olivia that he wants to divorce Mellie, marry her, and move her into the White House. But is this idea just as much fantasy as his pseudo relationship with his wife is? The more conservative, Sally Langston-esque figures in his party would never accept a marriage with Olivia and Mellie has enough political capital to torpedo his chances at any moment, be it through a book deal, tell-all interview, and whatnot, but at this point, Fitz doesn’t care. He wants to run on his own merits, do things his way, and see where the chips fall. If he wins, wonderful. If he doesn’t, at least he knows the result was fair and square.

Elsewhere on Scandal, Olivia and her associates are in more danger than ever before due to the loss of the Cytron card and the close proximity of the mole. Will they be able to get the card back and keep the election rigging a closely guarded national secret?

The second season finale of Scandal airs next Thursday at 10:00 on ABC.

Were you surprised at the identity of the mole? How much danger do you think Olivia and her associates in in due to Albatross? Is a reelection bid feasible right now for Fitz?



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