Scandal Season 2 Finale Sneak Peeks: How Will OPA Get the Cytron Card Back?


Olivia Pope has a plan for everything. The savvy political fixer very rarely lets something rattle her and can come up with a means to tackle a problem quickly, efficiently, and precisely. There’s a reason she’s got such a good reputation among her clients and is as feared as she is among certain sects of D.C. elite; she’s the best there is and if there’s anyone who can parse out this Billy Chambers situation, it’s her. On the second season finale of Scandal, Olivia has to figure out a way to keep a lid on the Defiance situation and preserve Fitz’s reelection hopes, thereby keeping the sacrifice she made from being in vein.

Judging by the sneak peeks, Olivia has two major moves in her back pocket that should get her closer to defeating Billy and silencing any talk of Defiance from here on out. While her connection to the Governor could prove to be a shrewd bargaining chip, the most important thing she does is bring Fitz into the cabal that gave him the Presidency; he knows about what happened now, so there’s no sense in keeping him away from their affairs any longer. Considering the danger lurking around Olivia with Billy around, this gives Fitz a chance to interact with her and keep an eye on her while providing whatever services they need and taking control of his reelection campaign and, more importantly, his life.

Fitz has very rarely been able to do things for himself, especially once his political career kicked into gear, and the Defiance reveal made him feel even more inept, like no one believed he could win and that he might not have been politician enough to bring home the Presidency on his own. Now, though, he has a chance to exorcise the demons of Defiance and prove to himself and those in his inner circle that he’s got what it takes to come through when it counts. Is the addition of Fitz to the cabal going to be the move that saves the election campaign and several lives along the way?

The second season finale of Scandal airs Thursday at 10:00 on ABC. You can check out a review of the most recent episode here.

Will Olivia be able to get the Cytron card back from Billy and keep word of Defiance from leaking? How will Pope & Associates react to finding out David Rosen’s involvement with Chambers? Do you think that Fitz should go through with his reelection bid?



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