Scorpion Season 2 Episode 15 Sneak Peek: Walter Enters the Dating World

I’ve watched Scorpion since the beginning of the series and I’ve always rooted for a Walter/Paige relationship. I mean, these two balance each other out. Walter can help Paige understand his world and she can help him understand hers.

There were moments in the second season that made me wait in anticipation as to whether or not a Waige romance will start to bloom and flourish, but they were just that, moments given that both parties wish to maintain a more professional relationship rather than a romantic one but hopefully they will see sense sooner or later. Happy and Toby are starting to fall for each other so it’s all good, right?

In the sneak peek clip below for tomorrow’s episode “Da Bomb” Walter gives dating another shot and meets a lovely woman named Linda at a local bar. Paige, though she pretends to be fine with Walter getting back to the dating scene as she tells Happy that she wants Walter to find a nice girl and move on with his life, we know that she is really suppressing her jealousy and regret that she’s not in a more intimate relationship with Walter as she inwardly wants to be.

Things start to go well for the 197 IQ genius, awkward teeth comment and accidental water spilling aside, until a shocking thing is revealed when Linda showed up at the garage the next morning, white as a sheet, with a USB drive in her hand, asking for Walter. Walter plugged the flashdrive in and heard, along with the rest of Team Scorpion, a disturbing message. I sense something sinister is afoot and Happy, I’m sorry to do this to you again but I have to say it: not good.

Scorpion airs 9/8c Mondays on CBS

Photo via CBS, Clip via YouTube


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