Scorpion Season 2 Episode 2 Review: “Cuba Libre”


Emotions are running high in this week’s episode of Scorpion. A young woman named Sonia comes to the garage and asks Agent Gallo, along with Team Scorpion, for help in apprehending a Serbian war criminal by the name of Stanislav Zoric, a munitions expert who gave the order to massacre Sonia’s entire village in Croatia. The team, along with Sonia, head to Cuba to track down Zoric and obtain an untainted blood sample to be used for a DNA test that will prove that the man in the blurred photo on Sonia’s phone really is Zoric.

There’s just one downside to this otherwise “brilliant” plan: The team doesn’t have permission from Homeland to go into Cuba and slap handcuffs on Zoric, and the U.S. doesn’t want an international incident while the White House is trying to get into Castro’s good graces. Thankfully, Director Molina is able to help them out by having one of her contacts, a former drug felon, fly the team to Cuba and a group of contacts set up to aid them in their mission once they arrive. Oh, and Walter is having some legal issues with regards to the cliffside rescue incident that took place in the first season finale.

I loved the scene where Sylvester used his eidetic memory to figure out where Zoric might be going to change his appearance. He reminds me of Mike Ross from Suits and Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory as they all have the skills to memorize everything that they read. I also enjoyed the mind-in-gutter moment that Walter had when he saw Paige coming out of the water. His facial expression almost mirrored that of Richard Castle’s when he saw Kate Beckett come out of the swimming pool wearing a smoldering bikini that showed off her lithe physique. I look forward to the day when Walter can finally tell Paige that he is in love with her because this tension between them ever since the hospital kiss and the kiss “for the sake of science” irks me greatly.

The scene where Happy was being lifted up toward the hole in the ceiling just as she got busted by the bank manager and the female customer that he was with was nothing short of awkward. It’s like a child getting caught with a hand in the cookie jar. At least the team was able to get out of the vault before the police arrived with the ledger in the nick of time. When I watched the ending scene with Walter owning up to his actions and doing community service as part of his sentence, I was doubled over with laughter when Agent Gallo and Toby drove by the part of the highway where Walter was picking up trash along with a group of other people. It certainly pulled the resident shrink out of his funk about being “friend zoned” by Happy as he threw a burger wrapper at his friend.

As I watched this episode, there were parts where I felt a bit confused. When Sylvester sees the news report on the bank’s TV that the Cuban police are looking for Team Scorpion, no one in the bank pays attention to what’s being broadcasted on TV. I get that they are extras, but at least show some authenticity by having someone identify Sylvester and get the security guard to cuff the math genius while the rest of the team works on getting their hands on the electronic ledger that Zoric has stored in a safety deposit box. There was also no pretext to show that Zoric is to be drugged with something that relates to a truth serum. I had thought that Walter was picking those flowers for Paige as a romantic gesture of some sort.

In the end, Zoric is captured and the other 23 war criminals will be tracked down. The world is right again thanks to Team Scorpion. I was intrigued to see Toby manipulate Sylvester’s anxiety levels the way that he did just so the latter could confess to Walter’s sister Megan that he is in love with her. Maybe the good doctor can try that on Walter sometime and see if he can get the “I only state facts” genius to come clean about his feelings for Paige. I also completely agreed with Paige when she told Walter that emotion has no logic and that there’s a logical time and place to show emotion. There’s no formula or equation that can solve emotional problems like a theorem because there isn’t one; when there’s emotion involved, logic doesn’t stand a chance.

[Photo credit: Monty Brinton/CBS]

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