Scream Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment

How many people can actually believe that there’s a Scream 5 coming? Who in the world is left that could possibly turn evil and turn on Sidney? Or is Sidney going to be the killer this time around? So far it sounds as though it will focus on another young woman that will be returning to her hometown and will be intrigued by the murders of a masked serial killer. We already know that it’s going to be another Ghostface, but for crying out loud, why in the world has it been allowed to go on this long? Scream was a unique and interesting movie in its own way, even if it was taking off the tropes of many other horror movies at the time since it went so far as to mention a good number of movies in its dialogue, something that a lot of people might have picked up on, but several probably let go right over their heads. There were a lot of issues with this movie that a lot of us just let go by the wayside, especially since it starts with the whole idea of being a horror buff and not knowing who the real killer in Friday the 13th was. Oh yes, it’s that serious, since anyone going so far as to say they’ve watched the movie that many times should KNOW just who the killer was, especially since it wasn’t exactly hidden at the end of the movie. Plus, who in the world does some of the things that some of these individuals were doing? It was pretty funny how Sidney went on to say how insulting it was that the victim would be running up the stairs instead of out the door, only to do the same thing when she’s attacked. Oh, the irony.

Plus, did anyone notice how often the killer(s) were being tripped up and laid flat on their backs? Why in the world did no one take advantage of that and press the issue a little further. Tatum had plenty of items in the garage she could use to her advantage, and she’d already shown just how deadly she was with a beer bottle. Seriously, how many guys in the world are going to get up that quickly when they’ve been slammed onto a set of steps, had their genitals mashed, or been hit upside the head as hard as a person can hit? Granted, some of the hits might have been believable since they might not have been that strong, but the movie could have been over pretty easily a few times since a quick stomp to the right area when the killer is down would have saved everyone a lot of time and trouble. But Wes Craven was a storyteller, and one of the best, which is why Scream comes as such a surprise since the killers were effective enough when they weren’t getting the hell kicked out of them, and the victims weren’t exactly helpless. If anything, it’s one of the most head-scratching movies that Craven ever created, and mostly because in real life, the killers would have been found out or beaten into submission pretty quickly.

But people love a horror movie where the cast makes the worst decisions possible and don’t tend to look like teenagers in the first place since they’re too perfect, they’re too over the top, and they’re definitely a little too self-aware at some moments while being utterly clueless at others. Wait…maybe they could pass as teenagers then. All jokes aside, Scream was a movie that really feels as though it got off easy on being as dumb as possible, so dumb in fact that people thought it was brilliant, but ultimately it was a very demanding and rather selfish movie since it did manage to kill off its own mystique since the Ghostface’s that came after the initial killers all had a bone to pick with the same individual when in truth the Ghostface killer could have gone after someone else in a move that might have finally stumped the police in a realistic fashion. Of course, given what the cops had already figured out about the Ghostface killer and the M.O. that those wearing the mask had, they might have been able to deduce that the victims had someone in their lives that felt the need for revenge or for retribution that was only valid in their own minds. But again, that would be really smart for a horror movie, and likely wouldn’t, and won’t, happen. Did anyone ever happen to notice that the cops were pretty ineffective in this movie and the sequels that followed? Ghostface isn’t Freddy, or Jason, or even Chucky, and yet they were able to outsmart the cops, and detectives no less. Either Wes Craven didn’t have a lot of respect for law enforcement or he felt that a hands-off approach was the best for the movie.

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