SDCC 2016: Grace Gummer on Joining Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot was a massive hit at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Between the start of the show’s second season happening, the offsite virtual reality experience, and random people in the Gaslamp district yelling “F-Society!” for a Mr. Robot mask, USA did pretty well for itself. The press room was one of the largest for a television show and included cast members Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Carly Chaikin, Portia Doubleday, and Grace Gummer.

Grace Gummer is the newest cast member to join Mr. Robot in its second season as the mysterious Dominique DiPierro. To this point, the second season has picked up where the first season’s chaotic end left us. Gummer’s character is still a big mystery who seems to be another character that walks the line of good and bad. One of the best parts about Mr. Robot is its ability to give us complex characters that operate in a grey area rather than black and white in regards to the law, and Gummer’s character seems to be another person we don’t have the full story of just yet.

Despite the lack of information we have on DiPierro and the small screen time she has received so far, Gummer was still thrilled to be out at San Diego Comic-Con promoting the show. TVOvermind was able to be a part of the Mr. Robot press room where we got to hear Gummer discuss her excitement to be a part of the show, how she binged season one to make sure she was fully informed for her role and that she thinks its up to each individual to decide what they think of her character.


Mr. Robot is currently in the middle of its second season and new episodes premiere each Wednesday at 10 p.m. on USA. Find all news and reviews for the show here on and for the rest of our team’s great SDCC 2016 coverage, check out the YouTube page!

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