Sean Astin Joins FX’s The Strain

Sean Astin has had a few film roles that will immortalize him forever, namely Rudy in Rudy and Sam in Lord of the Rings, but now he, like many other talented actors, is heading to the small screen.

Astin has signed on to join the cast of The Strain on FX. The official premise of the Vampire drama is below:

“A plane lands at JFK airport with lights off and doors sealed. Epidemiologist Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Stoll) and his team are sent to investigate. On board they find two hundred corpses and four survivors. The situation deteriorates when the bodies begin disappearing from morgues. Goodweather and a small group of helpers find themselves battling to protect not only their own loved ones, but the entire city, from an ancient threat to humanity.”

Astin joins up as “Jim Kent, a CDC administrator who works with Goodweather and Martinez to investigating and controlling the vampire outrbreak.”

Lately, Astin has popped up all over TV, including Alphas, Franklin and Bash and NCIS, but this will likely be a bigger role than those.

The show is a joint project between Lost’s Carlton Cuse and monster maker Guillermo Del Toro, and theoretically sounds like one of FX’s best new offerings. Look for it later this year on the channel.

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