Secret Westworld Season 3 Trailer Turns It Into a Rom-Com

Let’s be clear, Westworld is NOT a Rom-Com, but at the same time this trailer was enough to make many a person snicker since there is obviously something between Caleb and Dolores that’s taking place in the season. One has to wonder right now though whether it’s genuine or if Caleb is a means to another end that Dolores is seeking, which might kill the romantic side of the whole thing before it really has a chance to get going. That’s just a theory keep in mind, but it would certainly work at this point and time wouldn’t it? After all, a lot of people might have thought that it would work out between Dolores and Teddy at one point, and that went south pretty quick when it came time to realize that Teddy had too much of a conscience to really keep on with the dirty work. So maybe Dolores went out looking for someone that could possibly possess the qualities she wants and could be enjoyable at the same time. No offense to Kevin Burwick of TVWeb or anyone else that might say different, but this woman has been building to a rather devious crescendo throughout the end of the first and all through the second season as her arc has continued. The only one to match her right now for sheer duplicity would be Maeve, and she’s been traveling down that line of destruction a little longer than Dolores only by the foul luck of having come ‘awake’ at the wrong moment.

Throughout the first two seasons people have either been thoroughly confused by still entertained or simply entertained and alternately confused now and again since the story has taken some serious twists and turns that are hard to explain. The hosts are easy enough to figure out in a way, but the story and the convoluted plots and back stories that are given are only a part of what ends up confusing a lot of people since we go forwards, then we go backward, then we go forward again to the present like some maddened metronome that can’t quite reach the center for more than a few moments. The fun thing however is that there’s plenty of action and plenty of story to go around so that if a person misses one little back story there’s enough of a chance that they won’t be missing anything seriously important that can’t be picked up later since at one point or another the story does come back around to remind us just what happened and what we might have missed out on. Like it or not, a good number of the deaths were pretty forgettable no matter that they were made to appear kind of important. Brian Welk of The Wrap had more to say about season 2 in his own words.

With season three however it would appear that things are going out of the park and possibly even back in considering what we’ve been shown in the trailers since Caleb and Dolores are riding across the fields at one point. If there is any romance then Dolores is seriously stringing it out as long as she can, or maybe there’s really something there, maybe she senses something in Caleb that calls to her like a kindred spirit. It could easily happen since the existentialism runs thick and quick in this show and a lot of people have expressed different feelings about it throughout the past two seasons. Funny enough, while a lot of people really got into season one, a good number of folks managed to get pretty lost when it came to season 2 for one reason or another. There was a great deal of exposition to be certain, but there was also enough action, plenty in fact, to really keep one’s attention away from the more disturbing aspects of the story that heralded the elimination of so many of the characters. Kind of like Game of Thrones, Westworld has been dumping characters when it feels the need, though obviously not in such an apparently haphazard fashion that makes the fans weep over the fate of their favorites. In other words, when the characters in this show go, they were meant to go and it’s been felt since the beginning of the season. If anyone thought that Anthony Hopkins was going to be a full-time cast member then they weren’t paying close enough attention to his arc, as the character wasn’t meant to last forever, at least not in that form.

The fact that Hopkins even came back for a small role in season 2 was great enough, but to think that we might see him in season 3 would be great, though it’s not fully expected. It also wasn’t expected to see Marshawn Lynch in the show, but he’s there obviously and has some part to play, so it’s time to buckle up and wait for the excitement to start up again.

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