Set Up The Bidding For a Prince Harry and Meghan Show

With all that’s going on in the world the idea of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepping away from the Royals is still one of the biggest stories around and given that they’ll no longer be funded in the same manner it’s enough to make a lot of people think of how they’ll possibly support themselves. This is a serious concern, really? The couple are already being considered for their own show or possibly a place on The Crown series since obviously they would knock their own parts out of the park. But if anyone else is thinking straight instead of mooning over the soon to be former royal couple then it’s enough to hope that people are rolling their eyes and thinking that this is less of a story than it is a sensationalist newscast in which thousands if not millions of people will gladly ‘support’ the royal couple now that they’re no longer going to be publicly funded. The idea that their lifestyle would change is kind of ridiculous but David James of We Got This Covered and many others are adamant that things might change a little at least with the thought that they’ll be forced to actually do something for the money they receive. That ‘something’ of course would be to show their daily lives if they get signed on to a documentary and possibly do little more than they’ve been doing.

Some would argue that they do plenty in their day to day lives and they’re not wrong since as royals they had plenty of obligations to fulfill, but without that constant list of necessary actions in their lives following the split it’s a big wonder as to what they’ll be doing with themselves from that point on. There’s been plenty of talk about the couple being completely cut off from the royals and even rumors that Prince Charles will continue to support them on his own when the public funding ends. But in all fairness it’s truly hard to care about a monarch deciding to step away from the life of a royal, just like it’s hard to care about those that are still a part of the family and intend to stick around. Many people have gone on to state that those detractors willing to deride Harry and Meghan are less than necessary and that their criticisms are a large part of why the couple doesn’t feel the need to stick around merry old England any longer. Katie Kindelan of Good Morning America has more to say on the matter. The unfortunate truth is that upon being born a royal Prince Harry’s life was predestined to be a matter of public record as much as possible given the importance that people place upon the leaders of a country and their closest family members.

Marrying into the royal family, Meghan Markle had to at least expect that things were going to be tough and that the world was going to scrutinize her every move, word, and smallest reaction to the paparazzi that are still to this day blamed for Princess Diana’s death, whether rightfully so or not. They’re public figures, royalty, and as such their lives are just as much on display as any world leader or celebrity that seeks the spotlight. Calling it a tough life is less than acceptable to many people since with the tough life comes the fact that they are privileged in a way that many people in this world will never know. The pluses and minuses of being a royal are more than noticeable but it’s still hard to feel sorry for those that continue to put themselves in front of the camera no matter their desire to have a little peace and quiet. It’s true, the paparazzi gets out of control far too often and those moments that celebrities wish to have to themselves are often intruded upon by an overzealous prat with a camera. But this is the life that Harry was born to and Meghan chose, so feeling sorry for them isn’t all that easy.

Hoping that they can find a bit of peace away from their life among the royals however, that’s easy enough to hope for. Brian Moylan of NBC News has more to offer on this subject. It’s also easy to hope that they’ll attempt to live a more low-key life as it would sound that this is a desire of both of them, but again we’ll have to wait and see if such a thing happens or if the need to be in the spotlight wins out and they continue to be shown in all their glory. At the moment this is a rather strange and tense situation for many people, but Harry and Meghan do appear to want to simply break away and live a life that’s not so regimented or continuously scrutinized by others. While their lives away from the royals might not carry as many rules however, they’re bound to find that it’s not quite as simple.

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