Seth MacFarlane Returns to FlashForward

If you actually watch FlashForward and went “huh?” when reading the title of this post, you’re not alone. Back when FlashForward debuted with it’s pilot episode there was an FBI agent who some of you might have noticed sounded an awful lot like Brian, the dog from the Family Guy. Even fewer of you might have recognized MacFarlane in his cameo role during the pilot episode. Well, according to MacFarlane himself, he’ll be returning to FlashForward before the end of the season.

So has the Family Guy creator, and creator of other hits such as The Cleveland Show and American Dad given up on his creator status and decided to follow an acting bug? “I didn’t set out to do that,” MacFarlane said. “It’s something that popped up. My friend Brannon Braga is one of the co-creators, and he called me and asked if I wanted to do it, and I said, ‘Sure, sounds fun. I loved the pilot script, and it’s going to be a great show, so I’m happy to be involved.'”

MacFarlane also commented on his upcoming part, saying that he expected it to be about the same as in the pilot, with only a few lines of exposition. But he did offer up one other juicy nugget of info, “I think I get shot in a few weeks,” he said.

If you’ve been watching ABC at all in the past week then you know that FlashForward is returning on March 18 and they plan to answer quite a few pressing questions before the end of the season. Also no surprise will be the fact that another blackout event is approaching and everyone will soon have another FlashForward, a tidbit that the ABC promos have spoiled all by themselves (hey! Isn’t that our job??). Regardless of the spoilage, there’s no doubt we’ll have plenty more surprises around the corner and many many more questions to get answered.

Source: SciFi Wire

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