Shades of Blue Season 3: Bruce McGill Signs on in Recurring Role

Bruce McGill plays against type as hard edged recurring character Jordan Ramsey on NBC’s Shades of Blue.  Mr McGill joins series regulars Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta for Season 3 of the NBC police drama.  No stranger to police roles, Mr McGill formerly appeared as a series regular on TNT’s Rizzoli and Isles.  In Rizzoli and Isles, Mr McGill played good natured and jovial Vince Korsak.  In Shades of Blue, Mr McGill plays against that type: the ruthless leader of a unit within the Intelligence Division.

Mr Mc Gill’s Shades of Blue character, Jordan Ramsey — no relation to Scottish celebrity chef Gordan — will not fear to take extreme measures to accomplish his goals.  Jordan will be more than somewhat lacking the moral compass department.  As TV Guide says, Jordan believes himself “to be the hero we need but are too afraid to ask for.”  Nor is Mr Mc Gill’s character the only morally challenged law enforcement leader on Shades of Blue.  Mr Liotta’s character Detective Lieutenant Matt Wozniak routinely leads his squad to skirt or shirk the law.  Matt also cheated on his spouce in the first season of Shades of Blue.  On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez’s character, Detective Harlee Santos, possesses a moral compass.   A single mother, Harlee struggles to navigate holding onto her family and her job.

Jordan Ramsey sounds like he’ll shake things up as much as his celebrity chef counterpart when Shades of Blue returns to NBC’s broadcast airwaves at midseason 2018.  In the mean time, TVoverMind will continue to report on your current and future favorite tv shows.  So, bookmark us and check back often.


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