10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shawniece Jackson

The entire concept behind “Married at First Sight,” is interesting enough that many people choose to tune into this show and see how it goes. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to end well for most, but we don’t tune in for the happy endings. We tune in to see the train wreck situations that happen more often than not. One woman who took part in the show a few years ago has been making headlines recently because her story is a success, and it made us want to know more about her. Who is Shawniece Jackson, and what has she been up to since she came onto the show with the man she loved, got pregnant, and lived her life? Let’s find out.

1. She Was Ready for Marriage

Sometimes, you just want to get married. You want to get married so badly that you’re going to marry a person you’ve never met before in your entire life the moment you meet them, and you’re going to hope and pray it all works out. She was ready. She didn’t have any problem with this aspect of her life, and she was ready to get married and make it work.

2. She Got Pregnant Quickly

We don’t know the exact timing of her pregnancy, but she was married, pregnant, and a new mom about 4 minutes after she met her husband. Well, not that quickly, but the timeline helps you understand how quickly she was pregnant with their daughter, Laura.

3. Her Husband Dated Other Women

While she was pregnant, her husband was busy. He was dating other women. To be very fair, however, they did say that they didn’t think their marriage would last and they were in the middle of going through a divorce. It’s not like he was cheating on her – that we know of.

4. She’s Struggling

While the couple is back together and working on their marriage and their daughter, she’s struggling. She feels that being new parents involved in a brand-new marriage is difficult. Being parents takes a lot of energy and attention, and it’s not leaving them much time to focus on things like their actual marriage, and that’s not good when you didn’t know your groom prior to your wedding date.

5. She Had to Leave Her Job

The pandemic forced Shawniece to leave her job so that their daughter had someone to care for her. She’s had a rough time with this decision, and it’s not been easy for her. She’s home all the time with her husband and their daughter, and she readily admits that it’s been quite different and difficult for them.

6. She’s Outspoken

She knows that she has a story to share and a story to tell, and she does it. She’s not worried about people who don’t appreciate her and what she brings to the table. However, she does feel it’s important to be real and to be honest with yourself, and she will never shy away from sharing the struggles, the good times, the bad times, the hard times, or the best times.

7. She’s a Great Mom

What’s easy to see in her personality is how much she loves her little girl. If nothing else, her love for her daughter simply shines right out of her, and it’s beautiful. She’s a good mom, and her daughter is clearly very fortunate to have her.

8. She’s Focusing on Mental Health

Shawniece knows that her mental health is the most important thing in her life right now, and she’s working hard on focusing on that. It’s not easy in the middle of a pandemic and being in the spotlight, running a business, and being a mom and wife, but she’s going to make it work.

9. She’s Working Hard

This is a woman who is not afraid to be a little of everything, and to give her all to everything she’s doing. She’s heard it all, too, from people on the internet. Including some people who say it’s impossible to be a mother and a business owner, and she’s not here for that. It’s possible to be everything.

10. She Values Her Privacy

It’s not easy to value your privacy when you’re a reality television star whose family is always on the air, but she’s good at it. She shares enough with her fans to keep them interested in her life, but not so much that we know everything about her. She is good about knowing when to be open and honest and when to keep things at home. We respect that.

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